Could developers please create mores Scottish units and New British revolutionary card countries

Are those just like azaps? Or merc azaps?

For showing purposes, these are reskinned Azaps. I was thinking on appareance. A base unit like the Carolean with melee charge ability may make more sense.

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Azap with great sword would be amazing

I’ve started creating a scottish unit exactly like this some time ago. I think this would be perfect for a Stuart royal house!

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When will more Scottish units for Jacobites Rebellion completed

If you’re talking about Official input, without being too negative I doubt (as much as I really think it would be wonderful) we’ll see anything, though I’m only too happy to be proven wrong!

If you’re talking about the Scottish skins, then pester Sealing :wink:

Yes,We talking about Official input’s Of Devs,by the authorities,but you don’t without being too negative

This mod replaces the landsknecht for the British with a Scottish Redshank, armed with a two-handed Claymore.


There were a whole lot more rebellions against English rule than just those two during the timeline of the game (which starts at least in 1492). Even if we were just counting “British” as meaning “after 1707” you still have multiple Jacobite rebellions besides the famous one of 1745.

I hope developers should let Scottish borrow mods from the Napoleonic era for in order to fully produce it

Yes I know that. I was just giving some examples as an answer to Konahrik1140.