Could developers please create mores Scottish units and New British revolutionary card countries

I think more European units are not enough in short. Developers must create more Scottish units and revolutionary cards for the Jacobite Rebellion, which turned pioneers into highland soldiers, clan swordsmen, Scottish musketeer bow clansmen and bagpipers. The Scottish British Rebellion for Fortress age


“Must” is a strong word but I would certainly like something like this.


I don’t think anyone must do things for you.


I think clan swordsmen should make developers appreciate mods from the Napoleonic era according to the image reference Maybe this update’s Jacobite Rebellion unit it’s to incoming


So are these, like, real units, or are you just gonna go “regular unit but scottish” and call it a day?

Were “Bow Clansmen” even a thing in the modern era?

No, the Bow Clansmen is even a nothing in the modern era but this is Ancient Units

I’m all for a Jacobite rebellion in fortress age. The revolutionary variant could be called either “clansman” or “jacobite” and could have some kind of “highland charge” ability, something like what caroleans have.


The name is made up…

… However Highland Archers were a thing up until near the end of the 17th century and would have just been called Archers. Highlanders of the 1500-1600s were Skirmishers first and foremost and originally favoured the bow. Typical Highlanders would be armed with bows, (two-handed) Claymores or Lochaber axes with the wealthier having the swords and the poorer being purely archers.


The 1745 Jacobite Rebellion was a rebellion by Charles Edward Stuart in an attempt to regain the English throne and restore the Stuart dynasty. The rebellion took place during the War of Austrian Succession, when most British troops were deployed on the European continent. Charles Edward Stuart sailed to Scotland and, with the assistance of the James Party, launched an operation from Gryffinnan along with the Scottish Highland tribes. Initially, the rebel group achieved victory in the Battle of Preston Pence near Edinburgh, and later the Jacobian army began to enter the English border of Carlisle. When the troops arrived in Derby, the British government recalled troops from the European continent for support. Subsequently, the James army retreated northward to Inverness, and the final battle broke out between the two sides in the Carleton Heights of Scotland. The failure of the James Party in the Battle of Carloden ultimately led to the end of the operation, while Charles Edward Stuart, the leader, fled Scotland and eventually went into exile in France.


Some more missed shipments the developers would like to see in future patches are for New revolution card British:*Jacobite Rebellion (Age 3): The Scots of the Jacobite rising are preparing to declare war against the uprising of the British ruling Scottish “clansman” or “jacobite” and could have some kind of “highland charge”it’s to caroleans have but the settlers for change to clansmen, Scottish musketeer.bow clansmen to Claymores and Lochaber axes Scottish units

If you’d want to give a Jacobite rebellion option, I’d suggest:

Jacobite Targeteer
Reskinned Rodelero to portray a typical Jacobite Highlander. Uses a Claymore broadsword (the more modern, non-two hander) and a targe shield.
Can use Highland Charge in much the same way as Carolean Charge though with a slightly longer cool down to balance the already fast Targeteers.

Scroll-Butt Pistols
Gives Targeteers the Pistol Attack ability - which automatically after a 60 second cool down. This auto ability is locked out when engaging in a Highland Charge.


Surely if we are going to introduce Jacobite Rebellion units we should also add Hanoverian units back to the default British Civ, as in real life these Germanic troop were the units that helped the English quell the revolt.

This could be added into the game in Age 4 by adding a home city card that allows the creation Hanoverian Royal House units for the British if they haven’t opted for the Jacobite Rebellion card in Age 3. (In an ideal world, these units would look more similar to the current model of the Giant Grenadier, than Black Brunswickers.)


I made a suggestion quite similar, I just more Scottish units and representation in the game. Love the idea you proposed!

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I would love to see a Scottish revolution and an Irish revolution for England, but I don’t know how historically correct that would be or if it would make sense with the game’s timeline.

They both revolted against the British crown so that would be 100% accurate. The Irish and Scottish are almost inexistant in the game right now, even though we have the “British” civ, who mostly represent English right now. The Irish rebellion took place in 1798 and the Jacobite rebellion in 1745, so it’s fine with the timeline.


I’d love to also see something of the English Civil featured

I agree - personally I think all Euros should have access to Royal House embassy wagons (like the current German Electors and French shipments), with the Brits having access to the Hanoverians.

As an aside, I’d totally support the Hanoverians’ Drummer unit being a normal, general unit for all (it seems odd not to have at least a drummer present in all European-style armies). Obviously you’d need to replace that unit with something else, but there are loads of Hanoverian options (or even King’s German Legion when added to British).

With that in mind, Jacobites could be added in two ways:

Suggestion 1: Royal House

Via a new Euro house - House of Stuart. House of Stuart would provide units/perks relating to its Scottish rule up until early 17th century, then the English/Scottish/Irish rule up to the early 18th century - so new units from the three nations but with more of a focus of the Scottish.

Units suggestions for the Embassy:

  • Highland Targeteer - please see previously described post. Essentially reskinned Rodeleros with Highland Charge.
  • Lowland Levy - Lowlander soldiers armed with Lochaber Axes. A Scottish Halberdier unit which is fairly cheap and quick to train and has the passive ability ‘Town Guard’ which boosts their initially mediorce HP to impressive levels when near any friendly building.


  • Age I: Gowf (Golf) - Chopping wood also gives Coin at a very slow rate. Abstractly depicting the clearing of land for the first Golf courses / the links of Royalty (wealth) involved with this Scottish sport.
  • Age III: The Rough Wooing - Adds Border Horses to the Stables. Reskinned, lesser Stradiots.
  • Age III: Mercenary Clansmen - Enables Redhank [Light Infantry/Foot Archer] merc infantry in the Inn. Redshanks are similar to Iron Troops - they use Shortbows at range (default) and two-handed Claymore sword up close. They lack the exceptional range-resistance of the aforementioned, however they deal far more melee damage.
  • Age IV: The Young Pretender - Ships a ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ Mounted General hero unit.

Royal House Ability: Jacobite Rising
Musters (via HC point) a group of 4 Highland Targeteers and their Clan Chief (essentially a minor War Chief for gameplay purposes) after an extremely long cooldown.

*Disclaimer - costs/cooldowns/balance are pulled out of my butt. It’s just some flavor text.

Note: It would be incredibly unlikely to see additional Royal Houses (Devs said as much on Discord) so I would not hold out much for that.

Suggestion 2: Revolution: Jacobites
All-out alternative Revolution (well, rebellion) - much in the same vein as as the French Revolution. This revolution covers the 1745 rebellion. No archers, Sword-and-Targe type units are only really used by wealthy Clansmen (Tacksmen in this case) but lots of muskets.

  • Replaces Explorer with Prince Charlie (Mounted General).

  • Settlers are instantly turned into Humblies (see barracks units description). Revolution shipment available to train Settlers again as per Rev civs.

  • Barracks - becomes Jacobite Camp (graphically similar to Surgeons Tent). Trains: Lowlander (replaces Redcoat - essentially a slightly faster basic Musketeer that costs Food and Wood and trades melee damage for ranged attack), Bagpiper (reskinned/remodeled Drummer - provides small Health/Ranged Resistance boosts), Tacksmen (Broadsword and Targe-wielding officers - expensive but bolster nearby units Melee), Humbly - scruffy Lowest-ranking Highland warrior, armed with just the Lochaber Axe (Halberdier-type), and of course Highlanders.

  • Inns will allow you to train Irish Piquet (renamed Irish Brigadier with red jackets) and Royal Écossais (Renamed Bonnet-wearing Fusilers)

  • Stables - Hussars and Dragoons are removed! Bagot’s Hussars replace the standard Hussar (a little weaker, however have fantastic line of sight making them excellent scouts). These can dismount to become the Jacobites’ only ranged Light Infantry (armed with Carbines).

  • Artillery - Falconet and Culverin are replaced with Light Cannon (with Lowland soldier crew skins). They also only have access to Mortars, though they can ship in French Artillery Aid through the HC to send other European cannons.

  • Rev civ shipment quirks: Some cards are labelled ‘Clan Shipments’ which arrived very quickly (normally all ‘home’ Scottish unit and tech shipments) as the Chiefs are mustering forces quickly. Everything else is a ‘Foreign Support’ shipment taking the normal time.


Stuart Royal House is definitely better and more interesting option.


+1 I support this suggestion, greetings.


This suggestion is true, and I also support it Ask developers to suggest that new Scottish and Irish units, revolutionary only be available after updating the system

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I was ehinking in how to make a Scottish new type of unit, an unit to give to hypotetical Stuart house, (specifically, different to the Highlander and Black Watch) and I did this first draft of a different scottish unit:

However, when I was removing their hat I remembered the historical sources, and in all of them they have a Highlander hat, like a beret. And then, I remembered I had made a mod:

Tell me, how they are not Scottish Targeteers?