Could please add new statistics on graphics for matches?

graphics needed:
it would be good if we had combat experience graphic for player so we can know if our allies were killing while we were booming
villagers killed so we can know if our allies were killing villagers.

please add on comment what graphic you think needs to be added


Well this is simply the reverse of the villager count graph.

This is the reverse of the “military count” graph.


villagers killed per player

military count is not exp, 1 militar could be 6 exp or 50 exp


He sais, that all you have to do is reverse think while looking at the Villager and Military count graphs.
If you know you boomed, and stayed useless in early, you know that if enemy units died, it clearly wasnt you.


Villagers killed per player or lost per player would be nice. But honestly I mostly just look at who killed the most and Who Collected most resources


and what i said, its taht we cannot see villager count graphs killed by player, reversing wont let see how many vills my friend killed (not got killed as he said)

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yes but that has a biginconvenient , you see units killed, but a strelet is a unit and a cuisasier is aunit . So they count as 1. So we have to look at experience on combat, because killing 1 cuisasiers gives 30 exp and killing 1 strelet gives 6 exp. So unit killed gprahs is useless to see who did the most profit killing units.
And as there is not graphs for combat experiencie but only for total exprience, we dont know who did the best profit killing units that give 40 exp instead of 6 exp, we just see player 1 killed 50 (which could be strelets) and player 2 killed 50 units (which could be cuisasiers), and if we go to exp combat we can see that player 1 got 50x6=300 combat experience, but player 2 got 40x50 =2000 combat experience. So A graphic showing how many exp combat a player got would let us see how many experience combat he got, so we can judge easily who did the most profit combat). Reversing militar unit count is useless, because it doesnt show how many a player killed unless its 1vs1 match, and even in 1vs1 match is useless, because we need to see experience combat in order to diference 1 unit of strelet and 1 unit of cuirassier

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tbh that is needless info, unless you only want to flame your teammates after the match.

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I would like to see remainimg resources, to see how much of each resource has a player from start to the end as we have in AoM.

This way we can see the actual state of others economy. A player can be the worse gathering coin but being the richest cause it has saved it. Economy poits doesnt give this info.

Other example are the trade cards, in resources gathered we see a high jump on the graphs but actually it would be a little one cause you lose resources to earn a bit more (0/25/50%)

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I think it would be cool to be able to mix different graphs for different players.

Like displaying vilager count for one player and units killed for other player.

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go to age iv please, of course its needed

Why should i go to aoe4.
And no its not needed.

you should be asking why is needed

He wants the graph to show for each player, as it stands there is no way of knowing who is getting x a mount of kills at any point, just the final result and the net change in military. In 4v4’s it’s all but impossible to be able to tell who contributed when. Same goes for vills, you can technically make and lose a vill at the same time and yet the graph would be even at that point

I also think that another useful feature would be resources per minute and as stated previously, resources left in storage. The first one is good becasue it lets you see how fast you are gathering your food, wood, coin and xp and how impactful raids have been on the enemy eco. The second option would be useful since you could see how close your oponnent was to running out of resources and wether or not it would have been feasible to stay in the match a bit longer. Both options would really go a fair way to increasing the post match analysis and would help players determine where things went wrong/right and how to improve

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