Could someone explain Steppe Lancers?

I just see no reason to ever build them. What am I missing? I’ve tried using them, thinking I’m at least saving on gold, like they’re cost-effective or something. But they feel so ineffective when compared to knights. I just don’t see any role or situation for them, where they would shine over knights.

What am I missing? I want to build them, since they’re a rare unit and I’m rather bored of knights, so please give me a reason! :slight_smile:

They are redundant. They used to be good but they became oppressive so were nerfed into the ground. They don’t have a specific purpose atm and as a result are impossible to balance without impacting knights (same as battle elephants)

I like use them in early Castle age, because they train faster than knights. So, you can pressure early and cheaper and then switch to knights, or camels or something else

That +1range works nice when teamed with knights but not anything i would activately work towards