Could Someone Give me Advice on Best Strategies for Defeating the AI on Hardest Difficulty?

Hello there,

I have been playing Age of Empires for quite some time now; and I have recently challenged myself to defeat the AI on the hardest difficulty. Although; no matter what strategy I try; I seem to struggle against the AI’s relentless aggression and resource management.

I typically play as the Britons or the Franks; but I am open to trying out different civilizations if it helps me to succeed. I have experimented with various build orders; rushing strategies; and boom strategies; but I can’t seem to find one that consistently works against the AI at its highest difficulty.

I would greatly appreciate any advice or tips from experienced players who have successfully defeated the AI on the hardest difficulty. What civilizations do you prefer to play against the AI? What are some effective strategies for countering the AI’s aggressive playsty;e while still maintaining a strong economy and mil;itary force?

Also, I have gone through this post:

Additionally; if you have any specific build orders or tips for early game; mid-game; and late game; I would love to hear them. Any advice on how to effectively manage resources; expand my economy; and counter the AI’s military units would be incredibly helpful.

Thank you in advance for your help and assistance.