Could there be a simplified Advanced Game Setting?

It’s an awosome mod,but too complicated for new users.Could there be a simplified vertion with only win codition and deplomacy?

With my mod, you will really enjoy to play AOE4 more against AI or real players. The patch notes of my mod might look very long; but the gameplay is really easy.

I had published this mod but then I experienced these problems I mentioned in my forum thread. I still try to get an answer from AOE4 support to solve my problem, and now I asked help in the forums too.

I can add that features but my game client doesn’t help me to publish it from game. However, when I put the files on my friend’s computer to play multiplayer game, we can play.

You really dont need to change anything. Default settings are equal to standard quick/ranked match. And settings are reset anytime you swap between gamemodes. Everything else is extra… I could create copy, but its not really going to look any better. At best it would look like nomad version, which just hides mainly match option category.

If you want diplomacy just enable diplomacy and win conditions you want. everything else can be left as its defined by the default…

Anyway if you want simplified preset I can create it, just create mock up of options you want to see in paint or something cross everything redudant and I can added it later…

Oh,I got it now.The deplomacy is really interesting but a bit of hard to understand if not playing with friends and discording.But I do think that a simplified version is much better for novice since they might be discouraged by its diversity.As the population capacity and resoures deposit changes are easy to get in turning pack,a simplified version with wining conditions and deplomacy could just make it easy.
In short,do please make a simplified version,your highness(^▽^)

I actually know how to solve this problem,I may happen when you update the mod while the guy who has downloaded your mod is online.The guy need to unsubscribe your mod and delete it,then he can download the latest version.Sometimes the guy need to restart the game.

Also the vehicle population,which for Chinese is Official,for Mongol is sheep,for Roman is monk,is not changed if I choose higher pop like 400.

I couldn’t find where can we change this Population Limit from 200 to 500 at “AOE4 Content Editor (EssenceEditor.exe)”.

If it is possible, someone would guide me and explain me that how we ca do it from “AOE4 Content Editor (EssenceEditor.exe)” please? thank you very much.

That would be really hard to balance around how to scale it properly. If you want more of special units just use tuning pack for that.

population limit is in the Attribute-Army

If it is possible would you show me with a screenshot from Essence Editor / Content Editor? about how to change that 200 population limit to 500.

I found out the soldier units’ population limit to change from “population_ext” in Content Editor; but I couldn’t find where exact is this total 200 population limit parameter to change to 500 population for example.

Do you want do make it a turing pack or game mode?

@Hageln9364 and @Woprok I don’t know how; but I have managed to publish my mod in game after 3 weeks.

You can subscribe my MOD from here.
Civilization Conquest -v2.0.1 Mod

Please let me know if you like and enjoy the mod^^.