Could turks use a buff?

So the turks have been steadily losing ground. With the introduction of the bohemians, and then the hindustanis… its just they feel too bland. They have lost the edge that makes them the premier gunpowder civ.

After some thought, what if the turks had a unique tech that gave all gunpowder units passive healing, similar to how mahgrebi camels gives all camels passive healing? The turks already lack herbalism, so passive healing is definitely a thing they need. Also, while it is a buff, its not a super strong buff to combat. Its more of an economic buff, since it means that turkish bombards wouldn’t need gold to repair, and turkish troops wouldn’t need a priest to recover, given they had enough time.


Turks have been broken on arena for a very long time and they don’t need a buff, civ is ok on other maps at least.

Wtf are you on drugs?? Turks are still the best gunpowder civ and the others you mention were nerfed too.


Check these winrates for Turks at both all ELO and +1900. Turks are more than fine.

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I don’t think this will be enough, I propose on top of regeneration they could also deal double damage! Then maybe they’ll truly be a premier gunpowder civ on the road to 100% winrate challenge! (/s)