Could we get rid of these timed events?

I enjoy this type of events but the rewards should be available after some time to everyone


I don’t know for surr, but in other games your change of getting the prize will come around agian next year

That is just an awful band aid solution to the problem though. There is a dedicated menu for event mods yet you’re supposed to search for fanmade versions of them in the mod browser if you missed and didn’t unlock them “officially”, that’s super pointless. Also afaik those mods can’t unlock a few specific event based cheats.


The point of the timed events is to get people continuously playing, creating more regular players. If you can only unlock one prize per day, you have to play several days in a row to get everything. The prizes are insignificant, so if you’re not interested, there’s no harm in ignoring it. There’s no way they’d be able to do something that would attract everyone. They’re not really interested in casual players or people who only play single-player - they want to foster a multiplayer community that they can use for esports.

In my opinion these events are mainly focused on the SP community. If you play only MP and you want those stuff, then you just go to SP and cheese the system.

While i do think you are right with the esport part (the devs want to push AoE II DE to esports), i dont think these events encourage people to play MP games.

I don’t the events directly encourage people to play multiplayer, but they encourage players to play more often and hone their skills, thus making them better multiplayer competitors. It’s maybe just easier to implement single-player challenges.

So they implemented single player challenges like asking you to beat the AI on different difficulties so that… so that people who play multiplayer would play the game more? I’m sorry but that doesn’t really make sense.

I’d say that people who play multiplayer are already encouraged to play the game regularly simply because of the skill based climb and it’s definitely not worth it for the online community to occasionally get them out of matchmaking and make them play single player.

The focus of these events absolutely seems to be to get the new and casual players who generally still care about cosmetics to play the game more, I think that would be fairly clear to see if the system wasn’t this miserable.

Yes but to make casual players play more so that they get better and more confident at playing multiplayer or at least become interested enough to spectate multiplayer competitions. It does benefit them somewhat to engage casual players, because they’re likely to buy the inevitable DLC, but surely the main focus with fostering a community is to generate revenue through esports.

Yeah honestly I never cared about AoE esports and never will so I can’t comment on that, all I watch are Fatslob videos. :smiley: Let’s keep this thread to the event stuff instead of this weird speculation on what convoluted esports purpose the events might serve I say.

Great point :man_facepalming:

No one is holding a gun to your face and forcing you to complete the events; the game is totally functional without this feature.
Do you know which game doesn’t have timed events? AoE2 2013. Why not simply play the version that matches your tastes instead of wasting time ranting about changes to another one in hopes of ruining the fun for everyone who’s enjoying it the way it is?

Curious that this reply got flagged: how is this point any less valid than the original post rant?

For honor has battle pass, but it also has temporal events that lasts two weeks.

Overwatch has two weeks events to unlock lites skins, like the pachimari roadhog

I’ll be honest: I couldn’t care less about your fun but please do tell me how removing the time limit on the events would ruin them for you. Like you know, if you actually took to the time to read my “pos rant” (you can do that at any time btw, I’m not removing it 2 weeks from now) then you clearly would have found out that nobody wants to take the events themselves away from you, just the timed nature of them.

But hey, I would never expect anyone who writes up some childish, frustrated double post instead of an actual argument to NOT read the OP of the thread that he decided to reply to.

That you don’t care about my or others’ enjoyment of the game is obvious to anyone from the very first sentence of your original post, when you made the argument that timed events are pointless because they don’t make sense to you.
The point of your post has little to do with the reason timed events are good or bad, but more with a specific trait of the new game that you want to be changed because you, personally, don’t like it. Therefore, a spoiled brat deluded that he’s speaking for everyone else when literally no one has asked Microsoft to remove timed events. Even searching these forums for this yields a handful of threads asking for it, amongst hundreds of others.

Again, timed events can be safely ignored if one does not enjoy this feature; the game is still fully functional without them and nothing is really lost from missing out on the rewards, since they alter nothing in terms of gameplay. The 2013 game still has active players and already matches what you want DE to be, so why not simply play the game that you enjoy instead of wanting to change another that others have been loving just the way it is?

I asked you one question: how is removing the timed nature of the events (NOT the events themselves) would ruin the fun for you? Please answer this question instead of polluting the thread with aggressive rants that are not even talking about the solution / alternative offered in the OP.

I reiterate that NOBODY wants to take the events away from you, quite the opposite: they should be available without time limits from the moment they are released to the moment the servers get shut down in the far future.

Yeah, I missed most of these cause I was playing AoE3DE or other games, even the AoE3DE launch event I missed cause I was playing AoE3DE… If that’s not bull IDK what is.


I think having it timed is fun for some people because, among other things, it creates an exclusivity aspect. Generally, I think people enjoy being a part of something that is ‘for a limited time only.’ If they are among the only ones to see and act on the limited time event, then they can get exclusive rewards nobody else can claim. That, in and of itself, can be rewarding and so the participation in the event can be fun or joyful for some.

I’ll be honest, when I see an argument like this I’m always a bit baffled because you’re basically arguing for making something worse for everyone just so that this sense of exclusivity would exist. That’s a horrible idea to support, like it’s just shocking to me when I see a gamer who is actively being punished by these timed events stand behind these corporate narratives. Like sure, I get the company’s perspective… I also couldn’t care less about it and believe that there is a way to do this with a system that’s actually benefitting everyone instead of just Microsoft.

And as for the playerbase argument, refer to my other posts.

How you can see ill intent in my reply is beyond me.

I don’t see ill intent, I just think you’re very misguided. As for the rest: everything’s in the OP.