Could you please quit that enemy knows if you are killing hunts when he is not exploring? he can see through fog

since the beginning of aoe3 has been ridiculous to me, that enemy can see the deers that are dead when the fog is present, he can see how animals die despite there is a fog that dont allow to see any other unit unless he go with his explorer.
So players know if someone has villagers gathering from animals despite he doesnt explore there anymore.
I know we can see how animals move despite we are not exploring the fog anymore, but it would be better if the enemy doesnt know that we are gathering food.

because lets say i have 12 villagers gathering food, he just bring all his army on the hunts and GG, unless i had an outpost and then defend it, but come on the fog is to hide any unit from the enemy, not to give him information


IDK that much about the game engine, but I’m guessing it’s not possible. If it is possible, then I agree with you. I think that repeat-scouting is a reasonable requirement for good raids.

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This would be a great feature if possible. I’m not sure how you could do this while maintaining knowledge of where huntables are though. For now just make sure to have pike and muskets guard your villagers. Maybe make an outpost.

It’s annoying but not gamebreaking. I would put this as low-priority but a good potential change.

I like this one. Players just use the Fog without actually the proper re-scout. If it is possible do allow it to happen

It should be investigated after the main bugs are fixed.