Could you please stop with the FREAKING GOOGLE TRAD (or bing trad, no idea if that exists)

Seriously ??? I thought at first that it wasn’t that much of a big deal and could make me laugh sometimes but come on ! Hire some ■■■■ people who know how to speak the language they translate into !

I mean, with the latest patch and the challenge, we got a french translation for “High Score” that became “score élevé”… I mean it’s not wrong if you do a word for word translation, but it just mean what it means, a score that is high…

You could have chosen “record”, “meilleur score” or even “résultat”… But no, it had to be… “score élevé”

While we are at it… “Player resigned” is translated into “Player a démissionné” which mean that he quit his job, what the guy who translated the game should actually do… Funny thing is, there is also another translation present in the game in the notification if I remember correctly “Player a abandonné”