Could you tell us which are your plans in regards to DLC post AOE4 launch?

Still waiting for a second American and African expansion pack :smiley:

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We need to have a yearly Age of Empires convention like Blizzcon so we know their plans (roadmap) for the future of the franchise not just buzzwords.


Yeah, that would be ideal :slight_smile:

Right now, it seems like AOE4 gets all the attention. Feels kinda lonely here :frowning:

I hope they won’t abandon the other games of the franchise. They’ve still promised us at least one new civ for AOE3 and the rest of the Coop content for AOE2.

They even forgot to announce the Halloween event for AOE 3 DE, thanks to your early post in Steam I would haven’t notice it. Lol. 3 days left when they did announce and the missions are time-gated so players are only able to finish 3 missions.

Meanwhile the co-op content for AoE 2 won’t be a success if they don’t put it in the quick play, there are so many afk hosts in the lobby.