Countdown says there are only 18 days remaining and we have not watched anything about the campaign

Do any of you have an idea how the campaign will look? will there be cinematics? Will there be co-op? What campaigns and how many will we get? (does it make sense to put a price target to a game without showing what it includes)

At this point I have that feeling of a rush… and you all know what it means right?

I would appreciate it if they openly talk about it and tell the truth, so as a community we can collaborate.

CD project usually posted updates about CP and its release date and did not hesitate to delay the game, and that is good as long as we receive the game as a finished product. But if we are going to get Cyberpunk version 2 … Better be completely honest with all of us, just saying…

You know AoE 4 have a big huge hype since we heard of it in 2017 right:

4 years for an unfinished game with just 18 days remaining?


One thing that made things worse is that there wasn’t an open beta for Cyberpunk 2077.
Which lead to a lot of lies honestly. Half of the promotional material didn’t make it into the current version of the game. (they even refused to let reviewers make their own footage of the game before release)
I don’t think Relic has lied about any features of the game and has been pretty transparent about what will or will not be available at launch.
We also have tons of content from the betas so there is no confusion there.

I will say its kinda hard for them to show the campaign without just straight up spoiling with gameplay.

I think it would be unfair to assume the campaigns don’t exist.


Just because they haven’t shown campaign gameplay video doesn’t mean it’s an unfinished game, so far we only have screenshots and short clips of some campaigns , devs also stated before that there will be 4 campaigns :

  • Norman Conquest
  • The Hundred years war
  • Rise of Moscow
  • The Mongol Empire

Can’t remmeber how many missions there is but i think it was 38-39 or something like that.

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It doesn’t. But they covered their backs by outlining the rough content (e.g. steam description). So there is no false advertisement, we just don’t know anything about the quality, length and depth of any of the missions ¯\(ツ)

Pick one mission that broadly represents as many (SP) gameplay elements as possible. Or make a separate demo level for that purpose. They kinda did that with the tutorial, but very limited.

This is how it always worked, so not sure why they cannot get it done in 2021.


I’m also extremely interested to learn more about the SP campaign. One of the traps many RTS games fall to is making the campaigns nothing but glorified skirmish matches. Starcraft 2 managed to avoid that by presenting you with some sort of gimmick for practically 95% of the missions, having crazy campaign exclusive units, having meta progressions between missions and giving you a branching tech tree to sort of play the way you want. I really hope AoE4 adopts most if not all of those.

Relic are not strangers to meta progression, they’ve had it since Homeworld so it’s going to be really disappointing if we will be going back to glorified skirmish matches where you just move Joan of Arc around from time to time.

They should spoil. For one by the time they finish their show matches we will see every unit of every civilization in the game and unless there is a draconic review embargo then we will learn about the campaigns from reviewers before the game is out anyway so the devs should just be the ones to demonstrate it.


Oh then I assume you agree to pay $60 for a game that does not show anything about the main campaigns nor how they will be played and just a buggy beta.

And I knew someone would share that video, but that video shows…nothing? all I see is a publicity video and not explaining it in detail, I am not saying that campaign does not exist, my concern is about the remaining time and the lack of news we know about it. We do not even know how many campaigns there will be. And at least in my case I want to know if I can play Co-Op with my gf or cousins.

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Exactly, I mean at this point I feel like we will only have glorified skirmish matches. But I am not spreading negativity, just feel like that because I have not seen anything.

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Actually yes. it is true that we dont know much about campaings but we know they are going to be.

Here for example we can see the norman campaing video : Age of Empires: Fan Preview - Norman Campaign Reveal - YouTube

nope , or maybe but not like in aoe3 or aom , campaings are going to be narrated in a documentary way . Watch the norman campaing video to get an example.

Actually we know what campaing there will be and how many , They are 4 campaings .

The 100 years War

The rise of moscow

The mongol empire

And the norman campaing

The thruth is this , they havent said any lies about it and they had published a lot of info about campaings.

It is obvious that campaings are going to be a gold part of the game and they want us to play what they have made with love. words of relic : everything is informed by history , so i think campaings are the most worked thing in this game.

This is definitely a feature I’d appreciate, and seeing how Aoe 2 is going i think we can reasonably assume they will look into it.
Will it be available at launch? Im unsure honestly.

Im not sure how much you want them to actually show you though.
Its very clear there is gameplay shown in the video.
Do you want more promotional material?
Do you want them to show a playthrough of the campaign?

Its very uncommon to have a full mission/story displayed to the public before launch
People buy Farcry but all they show are a few cutscenes and some curated gameplay clips.

Yet it isn’t assumed Farcry’s campaign is incomplete.

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I wouldn’t mind them doing it. Im just saying I don’t think its common for the industry to do.
I highly doubt there will be any kind of embargo considering they completely removed NDA for the stress test.

Like for example any new campaign from Age 2 DE, they (FE) showed first missin for example and the features of the campaign and if its co-op or not and so on.

I can understand your concerns but we are all just speculating rn.
If the campaign is terrible we will find out in 18 days I guess.

As usual Aoe IV’s marketing confuses me.

They made long documentaries just for the campaigns , which is a good sign that the campaigns will be the best part of the game.

I wake up everyday with that blind feeling of buying the game for the hype I have since its my favorite saga. But those little things and the already mentioned over and over cons of the game in terms of visuals and animations makes me back off from preordering it. :pleading_face:

Oh its fine, unless you want any of the pre-order benefits (which are minimal) I don’t see much worth in doing so.

We’re all getting the game at the same time anyway.

I only pre-ordered because I liked the betas/wanted the Aoe 2 DLC.

What? No. There is literally no single player campaign of any game in existence that would be in any way improved by the inclusion of documentaries. The documentaries are in fact what gives me the biggest concern that time and resources were invested in all the wrong places.

No gameplay is shown in that video, just like no multiplayer was shown until we got to see the show matches (major kodus to them for doing those). We just see armies moving around while the nice PR lady drone on. We want to see an actual mission, we want to learn what makes the single player experience different from other single player campaigns, if anything does.