Counter civs to the Armenians, Georgians, Persians

What do you think would be a good counter civ to Armenians, Georgians, and the new Persians?

Armenians are an infantry civilization with deadly armor ignoring Composite Bowman. Georgians are a Cavalry and Defensive civ. Persians are a cavalry and economic focused civ.

If there is no such thing as a hard counter to these civilizations older civilizations (the Persians been around since Age of Kings) might need significant buffs specifically to counter them, or all three of these civs might need nerfs.

Khmer scorpions might be a nightmare for Armenians to deal with. Since it shutdowns their Composite Bowman. They will only do one damage I think.

The Incas might do quite well vs the Georgians. But I’m not entirely sure.

The Persians? No idea. Maybe Incas again.

It would depend a lot on the map and settings. For Arabia, I think both the new civs would struggle against fast paced and strong early game civs. Both of them have bonuses that get stronger from late feudal age. After that they seem well rounded.

I don’t think there needs to be a legacy civ which hard counters each of these civs. As long as they match evenly with most other civs, it should be fine.

For Persians, I think there will be no counter. Incas, Chinese, Malians should be on-par. Maybe Aztecs and Mayans as well. On some maps, maybe Franks and the new Slavs too. But none of these will be a counter civ imo.

Funny enough, I think the Byzantines could be a good counter for Armenians and Georgians.
I think against Persians it is about eco and an answer against cavalry. So, eco, camels, monks and pikes.