Cover Mode resistance is not visible in unit stats

Some military units in AOE III DE can use Cover Mode. It believe it gives additional 50% resistance for both artillery and range attacks. It also decreased unit speed and inflicted damage by 50%.

However only some of these information are properly visualized in the game.
Let’s look into picture below with Pikeman in Cover Mode:

We can clearly see that speed and hand attack are halved as it should be (2.5 instead of 5.0 and 4 instead of 8), but we still see 0.10 Melee Resistance instead of 0.50 Siege and 0.50 Range Resistance.

This is a detail and experienced players knows what exactly Cover Modes does but at least for a beginners it should be displayed correctly. For now it looks like Cover Mode only takes something but gives nothing in return.


Small correction, I believe the cover mode bonus is applied in addition to any inherent resistance, not instead of. Guess that’s another reason why it should be displayed, to clear this up.


This is exactly what I thought after posting my comment :wink:
We don’t know that for sure. But you are probably right and new resistance should be added to existing one.

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I didn’t even notice that you just implemented it :smile:
Thank you!