Cowboy get overnerfed, they need compensation

New patch nerf Cowboy too much as following:

  • Bullseye charged attack cooldown increased to 60 seconds (up from 40) and damage reduced to 30 (down from 38).
  • Ranged damage increased to 20 (from 19), melee damage increased to 11 (from 9).

60 seconds and 30 damage charged attack make their ability totally useless. No one will train them anymore. New patch just kill this unit.
There should be some compensation for them:

  1. Make them population cost reduced to 4 like Highwayman
  2. Make Dance hall available in age 3.
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No, this unit was way too good, nerf was badly needed. You could just spam one single unit type and win by just running around and going in when the ability was charged and killing your counters too easily

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The carbine cavalry with age 4 card is now the best option by far since these changes. Requires less cards too.

the Carb Cav are still mediocre at best. Weak HP and awkward two shots attack.

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When taking pop into account they were somewhat similar to cowboys it was mostly the charged ability that made the cowboys better and a bit more HP per pop space. Carbine cav were also better in age 3 due to the cowboy being high pop until sending the age 4 card. After this nerf to them though I think carbine cav completely overtake them. Carbine cavalry now do way more DPS even without considering the population difference, the age 4 card makes carbine cavalry do considerably more damage and have the same range resist, they also have more range and faster rate of fire, the 2 shot thing isn’t even an issue at all anymore because of target lock and fire rate increase.

the 2 shot mean they can’t kite like regular goon and they lack the hp to just tank like cav archer.
+15% damage & +10% range armor also seem really underwhelming for an age 4 card, especially since they only have 10% range armor to begin with.

I used to think the same but after all the changes they’ve made to them and they’re really not bad anymore. The fire rate is now fast enough that you can kite well and with target lock as long as you got the first shot off the second will still hit if they move out of range.
They are cheaper than regular dragoons as well, the cards not that great for age 4 but it is nice to double their range resist and 15% for them is more than 15% for a dragoon due to the significantly faster fire rate.
I’d definitely rather go carbine cav now and have 1 card for them rather than waste 2 cards for mediocre cowboys after this nerf.