CPUS without AVX support

Hi, are there any plans to make a version that supports CPUS that don’t support AVX? I pre purchased this game months ago, not knowing the system requirements, and now I see AVX is required. I have an i7 990x 6 core processor (over clocked to 4.5GHz) that plays any latest game with ease. Not too sure why AVX should even be a requirement. If this is not possible, then I will have to cancel my pre order, which would be a real shame.

Were you able to run the stress test build? Did you try to install it?

AVX may be a “soft” requirement which could impact performance, or it could be a complete blocker that doesn’t even allow you to install the game. I doubt that this requirement - in whatever way it’s eventually implemented - will change.

If you didn’t play the closed beta or stress test, I suggest you cancel your pre-order and then decide later if you want/can install the game. What’s there to lose anyway? We’re not getting any perks for pre-ordering anyway.

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It blocked you from launching the game if you didn’t have AVX support. Not sure if it will change before launch, but highly doubt it will, since that would likely require quite a bit of rewriting of the engine, not to mention a performance hit.

My dad’s CPU didn’t support AVX so I found a cheap used CPU that fit his motherboard and swapped it out. AVX is 11 years old now, its not hard to find an old processor that has it. Otherwise, just wait until they release it on a game streaming platform like GeForce Now.

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Hi, I was unfortunate to get covid and spent over a month in ICU, I only got home yesterday, and then noticed the system requirements for the game. Let’s hope it’s a soft requirement.

Hi, I am ware it easy to find older second had processors, problem is my pc can play all the latest games, no issues, and I can’t seem to find a CPU that supports avx that supports for my platform. There seems to be no reason this gamer needs this to run. I have a Steam library of over 600 games, non-require avx.

Right now it’s locking you out of the game.

You need at least an AMD FX or Sandy bridge (iX 2XXX) Cpu to be able to play the game.

There are other forum posts with this topic out there.
Devs haven’t made a comment about it yet, but I’d assume that it’s so quintessencial for the performance, that they don’t see a point of making a non-AVX instructed gameversion.

We can only guess tho, until the developers make a comment on it.
I try to get the question through at the devs next friday on their stream and digging through this topic here again, if answered, but for now we have to assume that this is meant to stay.
Better cancel your preorder and wait if this developes in your favour at some point.