Crafted Map not showing up

How do I get my crafted map into the game? I created it, built it and then go into the game and it’s not there.

What is missing… Help, please…

I just tested it out and it seemed to work fine for me. The first fine I built it it failed for some reason, so maybe try to build it again. Make sure to restart your game. A couple of quick questions on it.
1-When you go into the mods, and click on “my mods” does your mod come up? If not then there is probably an issue with when you “build” it?
2-The map should show up under “Crafted Maps” when you go in to set up the map for the skirmish. Were you able to find the “Crafted maps”? There should be one that is already in there that the devs made.

The crafted 2 plyer map that they built is in there under crafted maps.

No, there is nothing under my mods at the moment.

So, if all is well then it should appear ingame under my mods and crafted maps?
When I build it there is no error message or something to point out that it needs to be corrected…

Hello :slight_smile:

Maybe you find help in the aoe4 modding discord channel.

Thank you for making aoe4 better and your work.

Kind regards

OK, now I saw it in my mods but still nothing in crafted maps…

If your mod is corrupted it won’t show up , be sure that you made your map correctly and that nothing is bugged