Crafted maps not updating

My crafted maps wont update and I am unable to play them online as the published version (not local C drive version) just says needs updating and has a red spanner next to it in the online custom match making.
When I try to update it, it loads and at the end says “waiting for changes tp be uploaded to map”

Hey @ChuddIes. We are investigating as similar bug. If you unsubscribe then restart and resubscribe, are you able to get the update to take? What status do you see in the Mod Manager?

So I’ve tried it all and made over 10 different maps and they all do the same thing.
I will publish them and have a local red spanner version but the online version even if I unsubscribe and download it off the mod store it has a yellow spanner saying “needs updating”.
I then update the map, it says its successfully updated but nothing changes.
Its actually sad how much of my life I have wasted trying to simply play a self-made map with my friends.

@ChuddIes are you on Steam or MS Store? What version of the Content Editor are you running? You can check this by opening it, then going to Create, Open or Continue without a Mod. Then go up to Help > About. Does this match your game version (Main Menu > Settings > View in top right)?

Do you have problems running any other mods/types of mods? Or are you only seeing this with the ones you have created?

Do the mods themselves publish correctly from the Mod Publisher? It’s just when you go to play you see the issue?

You might try moving your local version so it’s not available and then try downloading the mod.