Crash after losing internet

Lost internet
Game froze
Game go bye bye
Quickly got internet back
No reconnect button in 2022?

There is a reconnect, at least to some degree. Friends and myself have reconnected. I can also change my VPN or turn it on/off all together in a game. It will cause a freeze, but also reconnect me thereafter. I do not think this functionality is there for when you are booted out of the game, which happens for example when the client is terminated.

Frankly, I always here this needs to be a function which gives rise to the normalcy of this functionality. Yet, everywhere I go people seem to ask for this indicating that it is not a default market standard. Perhaps this is not so easy to program. I can imagine that once the client has been terminated this is indeed not that easy. I know Warcraft (the RTS, not the MMORPG) doesn’t have reconnect. I believe SC2 doesn’t have it either. Frankly, upon googling, I can’t find a single RTS that allows reconnect after the client got terminated; only when in game connectivity is lost, but restored in a somewhat timely manner.

@KiezelSteentjeh As I look onto gameprogress, there is a reconnect, but not as good as in Starcraft 2. When the connection is lost in Starcraft 2 the gameprogress stops and resumes when the connection is estabilished between players. In aoe4 losing connection means that the game speed accelerates after reconnecting and the result could be completely failed fights or movements. This issue could be in connection with game mechanics. I only can report on my experiences. As far as I can judge @NobleCause refered to a complete game crash, after losing internet, but I can hardly judge.

Yes, this is very wierd and sometimes results in a huge loss if it happens just before a big fight.