Crash Age of Empres II DE after few minutes Windows 11

Ciao age2 users,

after playing for months without problems with AoE2 in Windows 11, yesterday I started to have crashes after few minutes of playing.

I already updated the system and the drivers, changed the graphics settings and deactivated the antivirus but still I have the same issue.

What else can i try to fix it?



Hi @MagicAgenda7959, Try the troubleshooting steps linked below. If you’re still having issues, please submit a support request.

The game crashes shortly after it launches or when trying to start a game. – Age of Empires Support

I already did everything, I also asked the support but their reply doens’t help for the moment.
I am very disappointed of that, hope to solve soon.
How can I ask for reimbursement?

i am having the same issues. i went through everything i could possibly think of and feel like im giving my laptop aids by some of the crazy things people are having me do to get it to work. any further info on this new update that ruined everything?

Unfortunately I don’t have any news and I’m still not able to play.
I’m very very disappointed, I bought the game about 1 month ago and I used for few days only…
Really don’t know what to do…