Crash during 1v1 Lipany


I was playing a 1 v 1 on Lipany. I was HRE and opponent was Abbysid. It was an intense 1v1 and the game crashed at 37m, 26s into the game. I went to build my place of Swabia Age IV landmark and then it froze for 2-3 seconds and everything crashed.

I received no error messages, or even that much of a stall. The game just closed without warning. There wasn’t really much fighting happening at the time either. I’m happy to give map seed number or any other information if you can tell me what would be useful.

This is a known bug, did you crash to desktop too?

I’ve been fed up with this situation lately, crashing because the data is out of sync, I’d rather the game fail

Apologies that you all have had this occur—please contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file. Thank you!