Crash from main menu to desktop


everytime i finish a match and suppose to get back to main menu, i crash to desktop instead.
It also happens about every second time I start the game right away, even without starting a match.
This i new for me since today, usually I crashed rarly.

Does anybody has the same?

edit: It’s at least caused by the @AnneHK original main menu mod.

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Happens if you use any custom dataset. At least in my case, it happens 100% of the time with custom dataset.

Man that’s trivial.
I don’t have it.

Error code from the minidump is 0xC0000005 (The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.)


Well it might be trivial for you, but it might be useful for developers, because it is not that fun to restart the game so often :slight_smile:

BTW Such error message that you pasted is pretty generic and only really meaningful if the devs get a full log of what happened.

Maybe if you post this in the bug report section, you might get more help with the issue you’re experiencing

This is happening for me because I am using the Old Main Menu mod and the main menu also is displaying a countdown timer until the server maintenance. For whatever reason that seems to be causing crashes at the moment. If you verify the integrity of your game files on Steam, that should let you launch the game without crashing. Then you can disable the mod until after the maintenance finishes. That seems to be the best workaround for now.

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That was it also for me. But for some reason, sometimes I was able to go to main menu, but sometimes I crashed to desktop instead.

Mod updated. I temporarily roll back to the new main menu because of an unexpected error. Maybe the dev team updates their code today(countdown timer).


Did the devs change the GUI code, like markup, without changing the build number shown in the main menu?

Thanks for your suggestion. This mod is not compatible with the server maintenance countdown timer. We can disable this mod during server maintenance and enable it after the maintenance finishes.

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@LidaKor @ChristheCo @DodoNotDoDo Could you fix this issue? Currently there is a server maintenance countdown again and we cannot use old main menu (Mods Single – Age of Empires).

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Hey @PilgrimHYR , this looks more like a Mod issue, what exactly do you think should be fixed from our developer point of view?

Exactly nothing, please stick to one main menu, before you introduce more GUI bugs :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi @ChristheCo, I suspect the C# code corresponding to screensimplemainmenu.xaml was changed so that the server countdown UI element somehow became incompatible with the Age2ScreenMainMenu class (used by old main menu), and only compatible with Age2ScreenSimpleMainMenu class (new main menu).

We would be able to fix it by ourselves if the server countdown UI element is exposed in screensimplemainmenu.xaml, or if we have access to C# code. Unfortunately neither is the case.

And this mod had been running fine until a month ago. We are pretty sure it’s the official patch that introduced this issue. (Well, not only this mod is impacted, but all old main menu mods.)


Hey @PilgrimHYR, thanks for the reply, i will forward it to our team and we will see what we can do, thanks a lot again for the report, have a nice day.

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Thanks! Have a nice day!

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Hey @ChristheCo, is this bug fixed for the next patch?