Crash to desktop at the end of Wallinford campaign


As of 08/23/2022 on Steam (build 5.0.20249.0), when playing the Normans campaign mission the Siege of Wallingford, I crash to desktop shortly after the screen fades to black when I clear the last camp and the remaining troops. I’ve never had a crash to desktop before in AoE4. I’ve reproduced it several times, including after a computer restart, and always it always crashes after the screen fades to black.

Let me know if you need additional information.


have the same bug but in Mongol campaign - Game crashes to desktop after mission is complete. immediately after. no saves

@Bl0rp @Yoja8888 please contact support with your warnings.log file.

@Yoja8888 which mission were you seeing this on specifically?


Hi @SavageEmpire566

mission “Blockade of Lumenshan” and was 2 crashes in row at the same time when mission ends and as i anderstand some scripts must starts but it crashed

ok, I will write there

thank you.

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I started the mission over and the mission completed as intended, so the save might have been corrupted.

Same here but in the Dover mission. It crashes to desktop without any message or other indication just when the Victory screen is supposed to fade in. The mission doesn’t get marked as complete in the campaign overview.


I have the issue with the Dover mission too, and there are some other players with the Paris one. And when I tried the Russian campaign I had the same issue too. I guess it is something in general with the campaigns…

@SportyGull05930 @Creat9819 any additional data would help! If you are able, please contact support with your warnings.log file.