Crash to desktop, no error, when hitting castle age?

Hi, so I got DE a few days ago and almost every time (I’ve been able to complete maybe 2 out of the 25 games I’ve played) the game crashes to desktop with no error shown to me. It almost always happens as soon as I hit castle.

I don’t think this is a ram problem or any limitations from my hardware. I have 32gb of physical ram and my computer is very high spec (it is a deep learning workstation).

What could possibly be causing this? I heard that the game has memory leaks so I tried increasing my VRAM. I’ve updated all of my drivers. I’ve reinstalled the game onto different hard drives even. Also, occasionally instead of crashing to desktop the game also gives me a blue screen.

Also, when I try the benchmark I get around 1250 no problem. I never get any stuttering or graphical issues. The game runs very smoothly, and then it just seemingly crashes for no reason.

Hey there! Have you already tried the steps in this FAQ?

If there’s still crashes happening after trying these steps, then it would be helpful to include a copy of your dxdiag and any game logs.