Crash when trying to switch resolution from 2x to 4x

Game Version:

  • Build: 46777
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10


Trying to switch texture resolution from 2x to 4x crashed the game.

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For me the 4x option is greyed out so I just can’t use it.

The crash happened to me several months ago, but recently, I saw it happening in a video of someone with a much powerful PC than mine. I thought it was serious, so I decided to report the bug. It may not only affect low-end systems, but high-end ones as well.

Yes, normally is, but rarely, the 4x option is also shown. My guess is the 4X zoom level activates itself when ram is of at least 8GB. I suppose the ram is what triggers the setting to be available or not (which can also fail since I only had 4GB when it occurred to me). I was just messing with the graphics, of course (did not expect to play smoothly with those settings :joy:)

The limit is 12 GB of RAM.
The game itself takes around 9.5 GB of RAM when running at 4x zoom.

Most likely there were some background programs running taking up too much RAM and causing the game to crash.

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It’s possible, yes. The person I saw experiencing the crash was:

  • streaming;
  • having a web browser open;
  • running Discord.