Crashed game error

game crashed

Record Game.age3Yrec (4.1 MB)

record gameis invalid

Its happening to me to, starting today. I have been playing fine until a crash today and then every game have this error.

Hello everyone, is this issue still happening? If so, which game modes is it happening in? Is it more common on team games or 1v1s? Is it more common on certain maps? Does this just happen in all games across all types? Any details you can provide can help us diagnose this issue faster! Thanks in advance :+1:

it only has happened to me on ranked 1vs1, i dont rank a lot. ill give moe infonext time

Grabar partida.age3Yrec (12.3 MB)

also i take the opportunity to give this other bug present on the same rec

also for some reason, the recorded game starts at minute 23