Crashes and Disconnects have increased

Hey everyone,

So I used to get occasional disconnects.
But now, I got 2 disconnects in 1 game. (And before saying my internet is probably bad, both times the game still connected to multiplayer services)

Also, I started to get even more crashes than before.

Also, the performance has seriously decreased since the last updates.
Very long game launch time and FPS is around 60, despite it reaching around 150 with UHD before.’
Gonna give credit where it’s due, FPS used to be around 40 with UHD at the launch, so…

I had the best performance in the December update. It was so balanced at that time performance-wise.

I hope FE decides to do the following imo too:

  1. Make auto scout a lobby option
  2. Make Profanity Filter a lobby option
  3. Decrease loading time and increase FPS

I get that the engine is a bit old, but please tweak the performance and minimize the crashes.

Still not fixed of course. Man what a joke company. When will you start taking customer’s complaints seriously?

Loading time is a bit decreased tho.
Also, now the loading screen is skippable at any moment, as opposed to being skippable at the first few seconds, also it used to go black but it doesn’t anymore.

Still a long way from complete fix I’d say tho.

And my DC count was decreased.
So I think it works better now.