Crashing During the Battle of Mansurah Campaign

This has happened twice on both times I have played this campaign. I am playing on Steam.

First I tried not going the spy route to assassinate the order leaders, and went into a long game of 50+ minutes, when moving armies onto the middle road towards the headquarters, game crashes.

Second time I finished assassinating the order leaders, game crashes after I finished assassinating the order leaders and started moving my army onto the middle towards the headquarters. Restarted the save and went to assassinate the order leader again, then dropped a manual save. When starting to move my armies towards the middle towards headquarters, game crashes. Issue still occurs even when waiting out the time and not moving anything. I have both warning logs and session data txt, but can’t upload because I’m new here.

Game files have been verified, but redownloading will require too long for my connection to try at the moment.


I also encounter the same issue on my end. I my case it crashes around 48 min mark on current save (reloading, restarting app doesn’t fix the crash).

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I also have the same problem , I can’t complete battle of mansurah, keeps crashing when I move near to the middle or get close to winning

Im also experiencing this error at the 48 minute mark

Same issue, CTD but not always at 48 or 50 min even earlier. It looks like we shouldnt kill the enemy heroes it seems it triggers something… but makes it much harder to win on hard difficulty.

I too have had up to 6-7 crashes around the 47 minute mark. Cant continue to play. and i recieve no Crash report or anything. The game ends up “exiting” and i am just instantly looking at my desktop/browser.
likewise Game files have been verified, and all successful. i will try to redownload the game.

Thanks, all!
This crashing issue has been reported and a fix is coming for it.

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Is this related to the bugsplat hard crash? Sounds very similar AOE IV Hard Crash Bugsplat Error - #15 by screendambright

Same Problem before and after the new patch (06.12.2023). The Game crashes for me at min 48:48. I can reproduce it every game.