Crashing when I try to join a multiplayer game (lobby and ranked)

Game Version: Definitive Edition

  • Build: Latest
  • Platform Steam
    Issue: I’ve been able to play 2 multiplayer games since the release of DE. Both have been in ranked, one a 1v1 and one a 3v3. Since then, my game crashes whenever I find any ranked game, and it crashes even before I can join lobbies in unranked- the game loads for a while, trying to enter the lobby and then either stops responding or straight up crashes. I have no idea what’s triggering this, since I have been able to play matches before, and they were fine the entire way through. I have tried literally every graphics setting available, and my FPS is a smooth 60 so I don’t think it’s a hardware issue either.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. join a multiplayer lobby
  2. crash


  1. queue for a ranked game
  2. find a ranked game
  3. crash

EDIT: i’ve just tested spectating too- instant crash

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