Crashing with no reason everytime in campaign

Hi all!

Im sure im not the only but the game is crashing frequently in campagin this didnt happen in beta i played the beta normally a few days, and now. Playing campaign the game crash specially aztecs campaing. Dont know what to do.

these are my specs: GTX NVIDIA 1050 TI, 4 GB OF RAM + 16 GB INTEL OPTANE. INTEL I5-8300H

i have the same problem all the time

Same problem.

Game crashed on all campaigns I played: Willian Wallace, Joan of Arc, Saladin and Barbarossa.

You all should try to up your memory to at least 8 GB and / or disable the Enhanced Graphics Pack. My memory is 32 GB and I haven’t experienced one single crash while playing campaigns. Also check if you have at least around 20 GB of free space left for the grow of the swap file. That does depend on how much memory you have. General rule is 1.5x internal memory size and 2x on the safe side and free space should be minimal at least 10% of your total disk capacity (20% on the safe side).
So check that too.

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I am having that problem aswell con multiplayer games, I will try to release some space on my harddrive, I will let you know if works.

Hi Devs,

Just bought this game on steam with great expectation, it’s crashing on campaigns. Below are my settings and system details:

Graphics settings: Ultra
Benchmark Score: 1100+
System details:

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: i7 4930k (6core 12 thread)
  • RAM: 32GB
  • GPU: Geforce GTX1080
  • Resolution: 1440p

Please fix the crashes. Thanks

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Don’t worry guys, you are not the only one.

Just see this (I’m having the same problem)

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Yeah, that’s exacly what is happening. The game simple stop working and crash.

Something the game crash when you start a Campaign Mission.

And yes, I have 16gb of RAM.

Just crashed midway through Sundjata mission 1. I’ve worked through a couple full campaigns already since release and that might have been my first crash.

same here, crash every time, no events or errors. game just closes strait to desktop