I played age 20 years ago loved it never played online and I wanted to play the new game so long story short I bought new computer with twice as much needed of every speck to play the game , monitor, keyboard, mouse and game
I had my internet checked (running grate)
I contacted support and got a long list of things to do ( did them all )
I put in 4 remote sessions with the Geck squad
So it semes I have dropped over 3000$ to play a game that crashes 50 % of the time

any suggestions ?

Download aoe2 DE, awesome game.

I’m playing on medium graphics with no crashes in game.
When I first started playing I had issues trying to open the game, it had something to do with windows permissions and things being stored on one drive.
I had to go to the relic/aoe file in one drive and switch it to “always downloaded”, or “always on computer.”

After that things have been smooth.

Are you crashing mid game or upon opening?
Multiplayer, single player, campaign?
And have you tweaked graphics to see if that’s the culprit or something else is?

When it happens? In a Menu? in multiplayer? In teamgames or in 1v1? How does it looks like? Do u get No-result game and u are crashed into desktop?

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Am asking cause 90% of poeple complaining here on the forum thinks that something is wrong with the game. But actual issue is with drophackers about which they dont even know usually …

I have done the playing on lower graphics
I will try the( relic/aoe file )
I have played 1v1, multiplayer against AI
1v1 on line
It happens from about 8 to 20 min in the game will be running grate no problems
Then the game will exit to desk top

So it sounds like your experiencing menu crashes?

I crash pretty regularly if I sit on a menu or the multiplayer custom screen too long

If you’re crashing in-game I would suggest going over to the bug reporting fourm and uploading you dxdiag

Right after you experience a crash, please contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file. Apologies if you’ve already done this exact thing, but that’s where you want to start.

If you’re comfortable sharing your specs more specifically, myself or the other vastly more intelligent forums members may be able to offer up some suggestions.

I will say that a common crash is fixed by adding an exception for the game/game folders in your antivirus.

thanks for the help) by using the DxDiag app. to get the specks for my comp. and logging that into the Gforce app. it found that the drivers needed updated but my comp. did not know they wear available this semes to have fixed the problem fingers crossed .

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