Crazy but also cool idea for AOE4

So i was looking at relic and saw that they made a game called: impossible creatures. Which is a game inwhich you as a player can develop your own creatures. This was based on procedurally generation or something like that.

Nowadays tons of games are providing some kind of sandbox experiences with a tremendous amount of possibilities. Giving players stuff like: spellcrafting, fully customising your character with your own gear etc.

What if aoe 4 would give the possibility to customize your units, which would be comparable to age of empires online with the 4 pieces of gear you add to your units but inside the game itself.

Ofcourse your nation of choice would be the backbone of the game you are going to play. But you could choose for yourself what the stats are of the units by choosing pieces of gear to change the stats. Ofcourse all of this without grinding or pay to win systems(so help us the gods of RTS and pvp).

Let’s show a standard example:

Costs 50 wood 40 gold
10 dps
range 15
walking speed 4.0
armor vs ranged: 0,4
armor vs melee: 0,0
snare resistance: 0,2

you would then choose 4 pieces of gear in total:

  1. Weapon
  2. Armor
  3. girdle
  4. legs/feet

1.As a weapon you choose between:

1.1 +20% damage
1.2 +10% damage +2 range+10% walking speed
1.3 +0% damage +4 range
1.4 +0% damage +20% reduction of oponents walking speed.
And much, much more choices

  1. As armor you choose between:

2.1 +20% hitpoints
2.2 + 30% resistance vs ranged
2.3 + 30% resistance vs melee
2.4+ 15% resistance vs ranged, + 15% resistance vs melee.
2.5 Unit has +10% hitpoints but costs 10% less.
2.6 Unit has +0% hitpoints but costs 25% less.
And much, much more choices

  1. Girdle

3.1 Make this unit 25% cheaper, but reduce hitpoints by 30%
3.2 Make this unit train 30% faster, but make it cost 10% more
3.3 The unit has 15% more damage and 15% more hitpoints, but costs +35% more resources.
3.4 The unit gets a 2.0 damage multiplier against villagers but costs 20% more
3.5 The unit trains 40% slower, but costs 15% less.
And much, much more choices

  1. Legs/feet
    4.1 The unit walks 15% faster, but costs 10% more.
    4.2 The unit walks 15% slower, but costs 10% less.
    4.3 The unit reduces snares by 50% and has 10% increased walking speed, but costs 10% more and takes 10% longer to build
    4.4 The unit has -5% walking speed and costs 10% less.
    And much, much more choices

In this way aoe4 would do it the right way compared to age of empires online, inwhich you had to grind for weeks to be able to get legendary weapons. In this case you would just choose your items to customise your units before you play.

Ofcourse ingame you are able to change your gear inside the “kings armory” which is slightly unique to every civ and expensive enough to make you pay for your choices before the game. And there is also a standard armory with standard upgrades of armor and damage (melee&ranged).

In theory buildings could also have “gear” that determines costs, hitpoints, armor, training speed, research speed etc.

A lot of people would say that there is certainly going to be an overpowered way of choosing gear. But if Relic want’s to balance it, they just have to know how often a certain piece of gear is being used and nerf/buff it accordingly. The beta should be used for this. There is also some responsibility to use math and playtesting to know if hit and run tactics, or cost reduction builds are going to be overpowered compared to “pay more for stats builds” etc.

It’s still a bad idea. All these pre-buffs… It just doesnt belong in an RTS game. Why dont you just want to stick with the classic RTS style? It’s pure common sense. You should be able to read the opponents during the match to see what they are choosing/doing, not pick a buff before the game and just hope it wasnt a bad decision because the opponent might have chosen a better one in relation to that, with no way of knowing.


-Main reason why not to stick with 100% old school RTS style is because old school RTS is dying. Nobody plays rts anymore, because of the addictive nature of moba’s, rpgs, shooters (especially free to play battle royale games).
-RTS aren’t that addictive, because of the lack of adrenalin rushes, character customisation etc.
-In theory a modern RTS should have at least some “character customization” or some other innovative way to attract players from moba’s/ third person action rpg’s etc. You certainly won’t pull any people away from shooters to go back to RTS… They are just way to different compared to rts.

“Adrenaline Rushes”…“Addictive” Are you giving ideas to make a game or meth? Gaming is meant to be fun, not intense and pimple-giving experience. And a game that diverts itself from path of being fun to path of giving “Adrenaline Rushes” & give “Addictive” is prime example of microtransactions trap and dlcs. I am a very liberal/socialist politically, but with Age I am okay to be a conservative.

Age IV needs to have an identity, and it will come from its roots, past age games. It doesn’t need to copy elements from other games, and implement shady business/innovative practices to hook gamers. Age IV needs to be pure gaming. Maybe you haven’t played enough. Innovation has to be done within the boundary of what makes Age better, the moment one mechanics crosses that line, whole game will come down. You know that, I know that, every age fan knows that.


With all due respect. NO. You are dead wrong.
Only Hideo Kojima can make a game with this nonsensical design and still sell a millions (shh, its cause fanboys won’t criticize anything). Number 1 flaw in this way is, you are changing Age of Empires theme to a fantasy RTS theme; 2nd flaw, you will change RTS to RTS/Action RPG. So, NO. Being Relic making a game is already a huge question mark…and if they put something like this from one of their failed RTS experiment, Impossible Creatures, then they just killed this franchise too like they have killed Homeworld and Dawn of War, and Company of Heroes. Whole world is watching them: Will they do a comeback with Age Of Empires IV? This my friend is their last chance to be even averagely respected name in gaming world. If Relic can even come 50% closer to Age’s legacy, that alone is a big achievement for them and us. Look at how 0 A.D. is doing, they take every step very carefully. That is a freaking spiritual successor of an Age game and they are this careful. Relic is ■■■■■■■ MAKING AN AGE GAME! So offourse they won’t do something like this.

Nonetheless, great idea. Innovation is good thing, but not something like this. Sorry.