Crazy Castle Civ!

Hey All!

In the vein of all the " design broken civ" discussions, I wanted to put together a crazy castle drop civ. So this is what I came up with, looking forward to hearing your tweaks or ideas:
Tech tree: Burmese

  1. Castles cost -25%.
  2. Castles build twice as fast.
  3. Buildings have +10/20/30/40% hp.
  4. Free Wheelbarrow and Handcart.
  5. Villagers +3 carry capacity.

Unique Techs:
Castle Age: Stronghold, castles fire 25% faster.
Imperial Age: Crenellations +3 range for castles.

UU - Magyar Hussar

Team Bonus: Farms +45 food.

Civ strat:
I decided to stay away from super fast up times. I rather have a civ that can play some nice feudal play with strong eco. We have quick moving vils with free wheel and hand. I’d ideally see the civ going 20 pop feudal into scouts, then up to castle. At that point you drop castles everywhere and in a pinch can train magyar hussars to take out siege. I thought about mangadii, but I didnt want to have to focus on all those upgrades to make them viable.
I also went with Burmese tech tree because I like their university upgrades, stables, and infantry.

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Interesting idea, however i would change a couple of things:

  • Villagers carry +3 → resources last 15% longer.
    Even with cheaper castles, stone runs out fast. Plus the mayan bonus is super versatile.

  • UU magyar hussar → arambai or conquistador because it’s a giant powerspike with cheaper castles.

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Yeah I thought about going with Mayans over Aztec bonus as well, that makes sense!

And yeah both if those UUs would definitely be great.

Tech tree: Spanish


  • Buildings cost 15% less stone (incas)
  • Castles cost 25% less (franks)
  • Villagers are affected by blacksmith upgrades (incas)
  • Castle and TCs are built 100% faster (sicilians)
  • Builders works 33% faster (spanish)


  • Walls cost 50% less (mayans)


  • Stronghold castles and towers fire 25% faster (celts)
  • Supremacy for tankier vills (spanish)


  • Conquistador

You don’t have to have more resources than you opponent, or to age up fater. In feudal, your vills are tougher, build faster and have cheaper towers, that is enough to win any tower wars and nullify your enemy eco lead.

Then while aging up to castle age, you put all vills in your base on stone (except for 6 on farms and enough on wood to sustain the 6 farmers, so you can keep vill production) and you start castle drop like there is no tomorrow. Your castles costs 390 stone, and are built 133% faster, and fire faster too.

You have a well rounded flexible UU once you drop a few castles (but you can even avoid using it) and then you can have super vills, with 80HP, 6 MA, 8 PA and 13 attack, so basically a fusion between a champion and a serjeant that cost only food.

It would have been nice to squeeze in Indians cheaper vills, berbers faster speed, free WB/HC and koreans faster mining, but I fell that such castle drop power take priority.


Replace this with Crenellations, and I’m in on this civ :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s questionable if supremacy is needed because it comes so late, i prefer crenelation + stronghold.

Also it might be useful to add the malay bonus for faster castle time instead of faster working vills.

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So I definitely thought about all those bonuses, I just think it might be hard to ward off scouts, feudal age with this civ feels hard to survive with no eco bonuses.

Someone should create the power vil civ. :rofl:

How about the Saracen market bonus? It helps get more stone without harming your economy too much and it makes the civ a bit more flexible in responding to units and defending anywhere their castles are not,

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I always try to pick the castle UT from the castle UTs and the imp UT from the imp UTs, and crenellations is an imp UT, not a castle age one.

Also, stronghold isn’t a bad UT per se, it’s just wasted on celts that aren’t a Trush civ and that lacks bracer. With so many towers survived from the feudal age, and super cheap castles, it’s better to have stronghold, since it affects more buildings.

Crenellations helps for getting more map control with less castles, but with castles so spammable it’s not that necessary.

Supremacy+Inca bonus instead gives you vills with FU champs stats and crazy bonus damage vs buildings.

Not really, this way you get cheaper towers and you build them faster, which is better in my opinion than aging up sooner. Also, while aging up you need to gather enough stone for a castle drop or two, so you need time.

This way, you can Trush way before the enemy has scouts. You also have cheaper walls and faster building vills, so while the enemy is busy fending off your first tower, you can safely wall your base, and then scouts become useless.

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I wouldn’t take the Burmese tech tree for this civ, since they have too many flaws for this (it’s harder to defend the villagers from archers, siege isn’t good enough to make up for it)

I would take either the Ethiopian or Saracen tech tree instead.

As of the UU the Magyar hussar is a good idea but I think you need something more spammable that works both to attack and as an emergency defense, so either shotels or karambits. I would also replace stronghold (it’s kinda bad) with royal heirs if going for shotels.