Create macros for Logitech Gaming Mouse

Hello, I got AoE 2 DE by Xbox game pass through the xbox (beta) platform for PC.

I’m trying to create a macro for my mouse (logitech G502) through the Logitech G Lab software but I can’t find the .exe file to link it to the macro. I have the same problem with every single game running from xbox platform.

Does anybody know how to do it?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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The location for the game should be something like “C:\WindowsApps\Microsoft.MSPhoenix_101.101.34223.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\Game\AoE2DE.exe”

Hope this helps you !

I’m also a G502 user and I actually can’t link the game to a profile even if I found the executable…
Everytime I try, no matter what I do to fix that, Logitech says me I haven’t got the rights to access the .exe and so I just can’t link any profile to the game.

I already tried to get me total control over the disk/folder where I installed the game, but then when I try it on the .exe directly, Windows again tells me I haven’t the rights to change the owner of the file.

Would be nice if you can tell me your experience about that, if you have the same problem and if you found a solution !

Thanks in advance.

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Same issue.

I had to re-install the game to find that folder (I have the game on the D: disc) and I have no rights to use the .exe file for the Logitech app.

I’ll Keep thinking solutions.

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Back with bad news… Seems like all Microsoft Store (and Game Pass) games have the same huge protection on their files, meaning you can’t access it in order to link your Logitech profile (or any device using the same method, maybe Razer and such).

That’s an issue that won’t be solved soon if ever… Basically when asking for help to Logitech or Microsoft about that, they just send you back to each other, so neither of them seem to be willing to change their method and make this thing work.

The only kinda solution I found about this issue was like using the default profile in game but then your desktop profile is screwed…

Personnally I just decided to get the game a second time on Steam.
Lost like 10 bucks in the process but at least the game works perfectly fine on Steam and well that teached me a lesson: to never ever buy any game on the Microsoft Store again.

Some folks tried to copy the xml file of a Logitech profile and edit it manually to link the game, it does create a new profile for the game but that profile never works when you’re in the game.
Some others also apparently managed to get permissions on the files but still Logitech can’t access it to link the profile or just toggle it on when you’re playing.

So yeah, you better get used to play without your macros or just get a Steam copy as I did.
Maybe there’s a solution out there but I really searched a lot and found nothing.


What do you mean with macro? Can you give an example?

Aren’t mouse macros considered cheating in most competive games?

Macros on the mouse are a way to automate some multiple commands to a single mouse button. E. g. A sucession of multiple right mouse button presses is binded to be pressed in a single click on the mouse wheel.

Hard to know about that to be said in general. MOBAs allows for use the “rapid fire RMB” macro with no problem, for example.

Well, as dededoritos said, that’s hard to tell if they are considered as cheating or abuse, and I guess it also depends on the context (some macros are really stupid but ease a bit the life of the user, some others are complex and do lots of stuff in one simple click - which is more problematic).

But the thing is, MickelAnyelus was referring to macros but its problem was just about creating a custom Logitech profile for the game (so he can bind its keys to its mouse buttons… and well, maybe create macros as well). And I guess I kinda followed him by talking about macros while I was actually just referring to bindings in general.

So yeah, still a good question about macros, but basically this topic was more about “How to link AoE2 DE (Microsoft Store) to a Logitech profile”.
And the answer is NO YOU CAN’T :’(

That is the point.

I don’t know if it is cheating use the extra buttons on your mouse to play more confortable but I’m not interested in competition. Anyway, I see there is a problem with microsoft and game pass games to get an “.exe” link to create this macros (extra mouse buttons configuration) so, it is not a problem JUST for AoE2 DE, it is for the whole platform.

It’s fine as long as 1 input equals 1 output.

Yes but the problem is that you can’t use gaming mouses and their macro apps for any game in xbox game pass or microsoft store games.

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Oh… that’s really problematic. Sorry for you. Sorry for everyone who bought AOE2 on the microsoft platform actually. I have not heard a single benefit to it lol.