Creating groups of Units

Another thing I have noticed in the new AOE-DE-1 version is with grouping. In both games, highlighting a group of resources (usually fighters) and with the control-key held down plus one of the number keys the game assigns that number to the group of units. The group can then be controlled via use of the assigned number key.

In the old game, the zero number key was not used, but if tried, it would un-assign any previously assigned number. Thus, if a unit got assigned a group-number by mistake, it could be released from the assignment via a use of the zero key.

In the new game, the zero zero key assigns units to group-10.

In the new game, is there a method of releasing a unit from a previously assigned group?

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This would be a nice feature to have. Sadly it was changed in the Definitive Edition. Currently to un-assign a group one must overwrite the number it is assigned in the first place. I’m not aware of a way to accomplish what you just asked.

I created a post in r/aoe about this :slight_smile:

Yes, it would be nice to get this option added to a future upgrade. I suggest that the hyphen (minus-sign) key is used to effect it (just to the right of the zero-key).

You can ungroup a group by pressing the U key

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