Cross- platform play

Since the last hotfix it is not possible for steam users to play with people who bought the game on Microsoft store. It means that people who have xbox accounts can only play against each other. As there are very few people with Xbox account, the games are so unbalanced. As someone with relatively high elo (1700+) it usually takes about 6 minutes to find a match and i play someone who is totally random elo - usually around 1100. Is it going to be fixed? (soon, please?)
I do have the latest updates of the game on MS Store.

I’ve played at least 2 matches since the hotfix without any problem, those were not ranked though.
I have the game on the windows store.

Weird. I see only 5 unranked lobbies with players with X-box icon

Just played another, mmmh, maybe try to disable and re-enable crossplay, with a system reboot in between?

It didn´t help unfortunately :confused:
But thank you for trying to help me :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue. I only see games started by XBox users.

Use this fix:


Try this fix:


I reinstalled the XBox app as stated, then did the Window Store update thing. The updates took a bit to show, but after installing them it worked.

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I’m having the same issue

Then try the same fix :slight_smile:

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Had to reply to this, you absoluletly saved the week. Worked perfectly for me after playing with the same 3 people for the last couple days.
May you have all the luck in the world, a warm place and be blessed with insane micro.

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11 Thank you for the awesome blessing! :smiley: Glad it worked for you!