Cross-Play bugged after last update (only see two or three options)?

Hello. I’m from Brazil. Three days ago lobbies where full and I could see almost a hundred lobbies to choose from, but after this last update I see only two or three lobbies, all of them from Xbox Live players, and the cross-player function IS ENABLED. Does anyone know whats happening?

Talking with the few group of players I could play online with, all of them reports the same situation. Like we are isolated after the last update.

I’ve also added a print of the Lobby screen. Take a look and help me out, please. It was not like that before the update, I want to be able to play again!!!

Welcome. Could try to sign out and sign in again at the game’s home screen?

Guys, I found the solution.

The problem happens because the game was not getting all updates it requires. To solve it, if you use Windows 10, go to STORE, click on the 3 DOTS on far right side (near the close window button) on the Store Window and select DOWNLOADS AND UPDATE. There, you will find an update for the game. Install it and it works again.

I wonder why the game opens normally without the update, if its required for the game to work properly.

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Below that same ... button there is settings where you can enable automatic app updating, maybe it’s disabled there. But I always check for updates manually through MS store whenever there is an update released. Other method is searching for the game in MS store, open the product page in MS store and click on the little down arrow on the left of your profile image in the top bar.