Crossplay between AoE HD and AoE DE?

Hey guys
My friends recently got the HD edition, and as I want to play with them I want to get the game and play but since the DE has a lot of more content, I’d rather get that. Can I still play with them, or do I need the HD aswell?


I don’t know if AOE 2 DE is multiplayer compatible with AOE 2 HD, maybe someone else can answer that for you.

However, if interested, there is the AOE2 HD + AOE2 DE Bundle off of steam which gets you both versions for $10 less than buying each separately. See link below.

Thanks for the quick reply, but buying both is probably not an option, and them buying the DE isn’t either. If they’re not compatible, I’ll probably end up getting the HD and be happy with that :slight_smile:

There’s no crossplay between AoE 2 HD and AoE 2 DE for two basic reasons:

  • HD Edition didn’t get the latest addon “The Last Khans”
  • Different netcode (HD works with P2P-Multiplayer while DE now works with with server based Multiplayer)

However, I’d rather suggest that you get DE instead of HD as price and content-wise it’s the better choice.

Thanks for the definite answer, but no, I’m getting it to play with my friends, at least that’s the point, so HD it is.