Cruzob Infantry

Along with everything else OP about Mexico currently the cruzob infantry are basically OG svea lifeguard caroleans/fusiliers on steroids.
Let’s go over some of their OP features:
5 movement speed
18 range
30 range resist
Counters cavalry at range AND melee
Have 34 base damage and x2.5 multiplier vs cav at range…
Aaand they’re cheap.

Please nerf this unit so that revolting into Maya isn’t an instant GG button.
I recommend making them only counter cav in melee or reduce multiplier to 1.5 and getting rid of their range resist, but let them keep the 5 speed.


I’ve seen 18 range and 6 speed…
Just make it a carolean then it’s fine.

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So what? I see Cruzob and the Maya buffs as a reward for the risk of doubling-down on revolutions. Remember that you are risking to lose a great deal of economic potential, especially when you double-down on revolutions. Neither of them can produce new villagers through TCs and you need to dedicate a few haciendas to slowly making new villagers. As such, the Cruzob units should be very strong, because they need to maximize their economic value.


So the problem is that the reward is actually way too good for the “risk”. I just played a game where I did nothing but successful raids with no defense to properly push it back and the person just kept revolting back to back into Imperial age as if their eco didn’t even take a hit.

They are the new Sweden, but even more OP. You shouldn’t have access to units with such high stats, that quickly with that little risk.

Saw a Mexican FI at 8 minutes, 2 heavy cannons and soldados shortly after. They’re broken and the Cruzob only compound it as the reward to something with little to no effort or risk.

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yeah the fact that its the base stat makes the unit ridiculous, they have the same stat at base as a guard musketeer, which makes their imp upgrade scale ridiculously well.

First fix is to make them have the same base stat but have vet and guard shadow tech.

they are ridiculously hard to get to from my experience, but lets see how long before someone finds an op build.

They are very fun to use though

you cant do a standard FI and also do Cruzob since you need to double revolt from age 3. the standard fast FI requires you to use the age 2 revolt which locks out the option to revolt into Yucatan.

You effectively give up all of your Age 4 shipment if you go Cruzob

It is like properly difficult to get to Maya - even with the independence movement card (which should be removed anyway). You are effectively trying to Fast Imp to get the to unit and potentially give up all factories and spending 6000 resources to get there while all unit upgrades you get along the way are kinda wasted.

Though I think it will be too strong for things like treaty or empire wars

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