CTD upon starting game or a few minutes into game

Game Version: 100.13.58326.0
Platform: Steam
Maximum graphics settings with beta settings enabled

System OS: Win 11 22H2 (updated March 15)
GPU: RTX 4080 notebook
NVIDIA Driver: 531.41 (updated March 24)
CPU: 13900HX
RAM: 32 gb DDR5 5600 MT/s

I have been playing AoE3 DE on this laptop since February 2023. My last normal game was on March 17 or 18 I believe.

I have been experiencing CTDs since ~Mar 22-23 on this system typically upon starting a skirmish game (single player; pressing start button) or about ~6-8 minutes into a game (unsure what triggers the crash; at least a few times it was clicking on the Home City button). Sometimes the games just fails to launch entirely.

I had mods enabled at first, so I progressively disabled them until none were left. The CTDs have persisted still after 1) verifying integrity of game files, 2) reinstalling, 3) finding mods folder and deleting the still subscribed mods, 4) deleting entire mods folder, 5) reinstalling for a second time and deleting the games/age of empires 3 de folder.

I have also posted this in the aoe iii support channel on Discord but haven’t found a solution yet. Would anyone kindly have any ideas or advice about what could be causing the issues? Thank you!

Age3Log.txt (8.4 KB)
Age3SessionData.txt (171 Bytes)

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