CTRL + Backspace or CTRL + Arrows = Broken

Please integrate appropraite fixes. Does not work as expected (should delete entire word or skip entire word):

  • CTRL + Backspace
  • CTRL + Left
  • CTRL + Right

If I message someone in a DM and type out a sentence, I should be able to press CTRL + Backspace to delete entire previous word (without having to press backspace multiple times). Also, if I type a word and want to go back in previous parts of the sentence and “skip words” using CTRL + Left or CTRL + Right arrow key, it does not skip. These are basic usability / accessability tweaks that were integrated into Windows 98 Era Word.

Thank you for the feedback @MrTeutonic! This is one the team has in our backlog, but there’s no current timeline on a fix. I will bump it, though.