Ctrl & Shift Click hotkeys not properly working when ungarrisoning units

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.33315.0 4426672)
  • Platform Steam


Issue happens for garrisonable buildings like the Castle and garrisonable units, like the Ram, Siege Tower and Transport Ship.

Expected behavior (QoL Improvement, some were present in AoC and HD):

Buildings: Ctrl+Shift and clicking on unit portrait should ungarrison all of the units except the type of unit that was clicked (eg. Have Berserks, Gbetos and Chu Ko Nus garrisoned in a building) if Ctrl+Shift are held, and the portrait of one of the Chu Ko Nus is clicked, only the Chu Ko Nus should remain in the building).

Garrisonable units: If the same mixed unit types (eg. Berserks, Chu Ko Nus, Gbetos) are inside a unit, the following behaviors are expected once one of the unit portraits are clicked with the Ctrl and/or Shift modifiers.

  • Ctrl+LMB on unit portrait, the individual unit that was clicked should remain inside the garrisonable unit, all other units should be unloaded.

  • Shift+LMB on unit portrait, the units of the type that was clicked should be unloaded, all other units should remain inside the garrisonable unit.

  • Ctrl+Shift+LMB on unit portrait, units of the type that was clicked should remain inside, all other unit types should be unloaded.

Incorrect behavior happening in build 101.101.33315.0 4426672

Buildings: Ctrl+Shift+LMB Hotkey doesn’t work. It performs as if left click was pressed on it’s own, (Only clicked unit is ungarrisoned).

Ram and Transport Ship: Ctrl+LMB, Shift+LMB and Ctrl+Shift+LMB don’t work as expected. If Shift or Ctrl are pressed when clicking on a portrait all units inside are ungarrisoned at once, if Ctrl+Shift is pressed only the clicked individual unit ungarrisons.

Siege Tower: If Ctrl+Shift+LMB is pressed only the individual clicked unit ungarrisons. If Ctrl+LMB or Shift+LMB are done on a unit portrait no unit will be ungarrisoned.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Go to scenario Editor, create new scenario.
  2. On the Terrain tab select Water>Shallows, Azure and create a puddle of water (Any water type that is walkable by units should work just as well)
  3. Go to Players and select Post-Imperial Age for Player 1
  4. Units tab, create Building>Castle near the water
  5. Units>Units create the following near the Castle
  • Siege Ram
  • Siege Tower
  • Two Infantry units of a type (eg. Berserk)
  • Two Foot Archers of the same type (eg. Chu Ko Nu)
  • Two Infantry Units of another type (eg. Gbeto)
    If the units have fast walk speed it can accelerate testing.
  1. In the puddle of Azure water place transport ship.
  2. Scenario should look like this, Save scenario for further testing.
  3. Test scenario and verify that each garrisonable unit (Siege Ram, Siege Tower and Transport Ship) can contain at least 6 units inside of it, if not switch civilization to one that supports max capacity on each of these units, once that’s done Save Game for further tests.
  4. Select all units and Garrison them in the Castle.
  5. Once all the units are inside perform following tests on a unit portrait.
  • Ctrl+LMB, take note of unit clicked and results and garrison all units again.
  • Shift+LMB, take note of unit clicked and results and garrison all units again.
  • Ctrl+Shift+LMB, take note of unit clicked and results and garrison all units again.
  1. Repeat tests for Siege Tower, Siege Ram and Transport Ship.

Additional Considerations

Add tooltips indicating the Shift+Ctrl like in HD, Screenshots for comparison.

Tooltip on Shift+Ctrl is absent from DE when units are ungarrisoned as well.


I agree, that would be nice if hotkey combinations for ungarrisoning would work like in HD :slightly_smiling_face:

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Issue still present in version 101.101.36906.0 4941835, Greatest Medieval Technologies update.