Cuirassier vs Dragoon

Can you distinguish which ones are French Cuirassier and which ones are Dragoon?

I can’t. I should probably go to the eye doctor. :grin:

Probably one of the reasons why some people can’t like AoE3.
If I knew how to make a 3d mod I would directly make Heavy Cavalry ride white horses and let all Dragoon ride black horses.

Pues, son diferentes, uno tiene una pistola y el otro una espada, no se lo que buscabas si un caballo verde o magenta para contrarrestar.

The Dragoon is riding a significantly lighter colour horse.


Cuirassiers ride dark brown horses. Dragoons have a light brown horse.

Never had a problem with it.

If this is the reason people can’t like AoE3 (and I don’t think it is), then it’s a laughably silly reason.

It’s funny. In some of your other posts you say that too many different looking units drive people away. And now you say these two units don’t look different enough lol.


Heavy cavalry is armed with melee weapons. The curasiers use a long sword. The dragoons are armed with pistols. Dragoons also have significantly less armor on their bodies.

Yeah, go check an eye doctor.

They are actually the same problem. But now I am too lazy to explain. :sleepy:

Dragoons ride a light brown horse with a brown mane than the Cuirassier’s dark brown horse with black mane; Dragoons are carrying a pistol pointing upwards, Cuirassiers are carrying a saber pointing downwards; the plume in the Dragoon’s helmet changes colour based on the player’s colour, the Cuirassier’s plume is always white; the Cuirassier carries a rolled up blanket on the back of its horse, the Dragoon does not.
There are plenty of visual differences between both of these units…

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Dragoon - white butt

Cuirassier - blue butt


kinda funny how many love to say aoe3 makes it hard to tell units apart, all i’ll add is, for that complaint to have any relevance you picked the wrong game, it belongs on aoe4 subforum

This recent trend of “let’s guess why some people don’t like the game” is ridiculous.
If you don’t like it say you don’t like it. If you want something to improve say you want it to improve. Don’t use “other players” “casual players” “we the people” blahblahblah as your meat shield.

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Why should I post a suggetion for AoE3 in the AoE4 forum? I don’t understand your logic. :rofl:

BTW I don’t play AoE4.

The discussion is starting to beside the topic.

Ok I admit that it is unnecessary to say this is the reason some people can’t like AoE3. My mistake. Ignore that part please. :blush:

They have a different horse brown color

The color is very close. If someone make only Curassiers, I will have large chance to mistake them for Dragoons. This has actually bothered me for 2 years.

I will appreciate that if the Dragoon (and all kinds of light cavalry) can officially ride a black horse instead, or someone can make a mod for this. :pray:

like black rider does?
to be frank its not a bad suggestion, but you’d need a lot of backing from others to get that in

well lets elaborate, aoe3 already does very well when it comes to telling which unit is which at a glance given how many unique units there are, while aoe4 fails completely, so this sort of feedback hardly has any ground here but has all ground it could ask for in aoe4

Aoe3 mostly relies on animations. You can easily tell units by the way they move.

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point of unit type clarity remains
because aoe4 devs weren’t busy making that distinct either

Yeah it’s obvious, the haud musket rider and kanya are much more similar.

maybe they are a little bit difficult to distinguish.

but it is better than Inca’s lol

Recently I was trying to make a mod to let all runners, disciples… bear flags so I can distinguish them from normal infantry much easier. I took several hours to edit the .xml files and download some graphic mods for reference, but I just can’t figure out how it works. :nauseated_face:

I have not tried to change the horses yet. I hope I can let all LC ride black horses, HC ride brown horses, and special horses that counter all infantry and are countered by other cavalry (e.g. Lancer, Mounted Rifleman…) ride white horses. It will be very simple and intuitive to distinguish them, if I can make it.

I want to edit the icons too. I want to let all Artillery have red bloom in the background; Hi have yellow/orange; LI have green; HC/SI have blue, LC/RSI have purple. So anyone can easily know the role of a unit simply by reading its icon.

I probably suggested these at least one year ago. Apparently dev have other things with higher priority to do (actually they have improved the UI a lot, like showing the gather rate, attack range, small decks…etc) so it’s totally understandable these things have never been on the their schedule. I guess I have to do these myself. :thinking:

I also want to draw some KOEI RotK art style portraits to replace the AI personalities too. :sweat_smile:

Have tons of plans but no time and no capability to finish them…