Culture Unique Model Statistics

East asian need a dlc and Middle Eastern lack of riding heroes they also need a dlc
Some uu will be different from the actual civilization

This guy I want to be assigned to Europe


Also South-East and South Asian are full of mostly UU and regional units.

these seem split arbitrarily. East Asian includes Vietnam, but South East Asia includes burma, despite the fact Burma is more to the north of Vietnam.

Most of these are places, then suddenly you have nomadic. Which consists of many different cultures from Northern Asia and North of the black sea, but not the Magyars or Slavs for some reason.

Then random units are missing like the War Wagon. I could make one of these graphs and decide any region I wanted is underrepresented depending on where I draw the borders between them.

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Why did you include some units twice? Crusader Knight, Elite Battle Elephant.

Ulrich von Jungingen and crusader knight
Bayinnaung and Elite Battle Elephant

Maybe they wanted to give him a more generic european look initially and just stuck with it even tho this is suppose to be a vietnamese unit.


Honestly kinda wish Imperial skirms were just a gemeric unit

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