Culture Wing Rework Part 2: New Imperial Tech

In part one, I explained how and why Proselytization should be integrated with the completion of the Culture Wing itself. If done, it will leave the Imperial age tech slot in the Culture Wing available for a new tech. Here I will suggest a new tech that will take that spot.

About new Tech:
The new tech has to be something relevant to Arab Culture. The Arabs had a prominent warrior culture that stood out more during the Rashidun califate but was still alive during the Abbasid Golden Age. So this is what I conjured to be the new tech. It would be called “Warrior Culture.” It’s a new ability with villagers that will transform them into a new unique unit called “Abbasid Warrior” Or “Arab Warrior.”

New Unique Unit:
The “Abbasid Warrior” will be a fast, light infantry, with a sword and wooden shield. They will have little to no melee armor but decent range armor. Their damage output would be just as much as a hardened spear, give or take. They die pretty fast, but they are great in numbers.

Most Civs have some crazy military power during the Imperial age because they rely on an imperial age landmark that helps them. The Abbasid have to gain their power from scratch. This tech will be an interesting mechanic because you will be Strengthening your military slightly but damaging your economy by trading off resource collectors for some instant military. All in the while bringing out the best of the Abbasid’s culture.