Culverins don't stop packing/unpacking

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  • GAME BUILD #: 100.12.43871.0
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Once a culverin starts packing, there is no way to go back to unpacked stance until the animation is fully complete

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Make culverin pack
  2. Try to go back to unpack
  3. Have to wait until culverin is fully packed to unpack or move

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Culverin stays unpacked, transition gets cancelled, culverin can move

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This is an intended change I think. But intended or not, it does make it a little hard to play. The AI in particular is messing up its artillery badly because of this.


Yeah, this seems like an intended change. Logically, you should not be able to stop the animation and “glitch” the unit to instantly switch back. My initial reaction is that this seems like a good change, contributing to consistent & expected behavior of artillery, along with the other great artillery changes introduced in latest patch.


That’s is how it should be , stopping people from instantly shooting other culv


This is a weird change, specially because we have been used to pack and unpack whenever we wanted and canons never missed, That missing shot was a bug introduced in DE. I think we should be able to pack or unpack whenever we want. while keep current changes. it is like pressing Q to shoot and pressing E to go melee mode[Given you have hotkeys set this way]. Switching between stances has always been freely. And even if you switch there is still delay so they don’t really instashoot.

We have always been able to switch between both stances it made the unit versatile and you could bait opponents into that. Now if they catch it, it is dead @_@

Now as soon as your cannon sees someone they unpack and you can’t pack them as you have to wait the entire animation

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The thing is, as soon as you missclick once, let’s say to “attack” a unit when you wanted to move the culvs, they start unpacking and you can not continue moving by quickly reconfirming the unpacked stance, causing you to lose your art in the worst case. I get your point of not being able to cancel animation, but this feels really awkward.

Besides this as you can see in the video, the stance stays “selected” which seems to be an actual UI bug.

cannons dont auto unpack , unless u ask them to attack . and if u ask them to attack without protecting them , then u should get the palenty

I like this change. Nice work devs ! Waited so long for this fix


PLease at least at a “lock Limber mode”, so we have control…atm it doesnt feel we have control over canons

I’ve had them auto pack for some reason though at some times still

I too personally feel , they should change them that they should only be pack and unlock of we gove them commons , like other units , once manually changes their stance is fixed , instead of the current change .