Cuman Build Order for "Fast Castle"?

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I happened to take the cumans in teamgames as pocket, but doing a second TC in feudal the normal BO for FC obviously doesn’t work. Can anyone tell me if there is any tutorial / BO to try for “Second TC + Castle age” into knight?
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Since you have a lot of villagers in feudal age, a BO for going castle age wouldn’t make too much sense. There might be BOs for setting you up until feudal age, though.

Imo it depends on how many extra vills you want to have until going to castle age. If you do not expect early aggression from your opponent and you are able to push all your deer you can aim for a super early 18 pop up with 2 vills on wood. After clicking up you send most of your vills under the tc to wood (you need at least 8 on wood, here). When you reach feudal you build the tc and get bit axe and horse collar immediately. This way you will get the maximum amount of extra vills in feudal. However, it’s fairly tight and doesn’t work without dear.

If you want to go for a more relaxed approach you can go for 20 or 21 pop up to feudal just as you do with a regular scouts BO (it’s pretty much identical apart from you try to go for only one lumber camp and of course you don’t build a barracks while upping so 7 on wood is sufficient). You’ll have less vills but you will be up a little earlier to castle age in the end.

In any case, none of these qualify as fast castle builds. I can’t recall the exact times but iirc you’ll reach castle at about 18 minutes having around 19 farms. If the exact castle timing is crucial for whatever reason, imo it’s totally fine to idle your tcs a bit before going up or using the market (you have so many vills that it doesn’t matter all that much).


Build farms, a lot of them! food is your goal, the more stockpile resources of wood and gold the later you will be to castle age, research wheelbarrow and idle villager production around 700 food, garrison and up. Not recommended but if your economy needs it you can use the market.

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Thanks for the reply. I thought of a standard BO, without considering deer. Only on arena would I consider them permanently, but I don’t know how useful Cumans can be on arena. However, I was more interested in a pocket BO in TG (3vs3 / 4vs4), in which there is a tendency to risk less aggression in the early game. I was also taking the BO as a reference for the scout rush which I immediately follow a 2nd TC … the problem is to balance the villagers on the wood in order to be able to immediately make the fields and have enough food for the queues, or when put the commoners on gold … So you need a guide for Dark age, the transition to feudal and the first things to do once in Feudal… the target Is going up before 20 Min i think
However I’ll try to figure something out and I’ll write It here

not sure if you’ve seen it… but this is an old one from Hera, he talks about goign to castle and spamming knights


Oh wow! No, i don’t dee It, thank you :smiley:

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fo shizzle ma nizzle i only discovered it on monday so only been using it recently

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You have to remember though that there’s been a lot of patches since november 2019, for instance here and here for “Update 34055, the time to construct a Feudal Age Town Center increased from 225 to 270 seconds.”

So you’ll have to take that into account in the build order.

Maybe you can normal fc but now you can start building the second tc on the way to castle age or you could maybe squeeze it in a bit earlier either if you have enough floating food possibly to make early vils while on the way up?


I havent played as Cumans in many games, but i used this strat too. I build the TC on my way to Castle age. It works great.

If you want FC into Knight, to me this seems like a 1 TC all in strat. You cant really make and many knights and keep up with vills from multiple TCs.

Well a scout rush right after the second tc won’t work. Once you have it up you need around 12 vills on food to sustain production from both tcs (so let’s say 8 farmers since you still have your berries). When you reach feudal age you will have some overflowing food in the bank but you need that for your eco upgrades and as a buffer for second tc production until you get your proper amount of farmers. Also you want to invest your 350 wood into farms instead of early barracks+stable. You surely can go for feudal scouts here but it will be much later than a regular scout rush unless you are giving up your tc advantage.

As for early feudal it’s pretty straight forward: As long as you have food under your tc, keep some villagers gathering here and put new vills from first tc on straggler trees (the first couple of vills can go to the woodline from which you pulled off vills to build the tc if that is the case). As soon as you get 60 wood built farms around it (since you need all of your stragglers don’t build farms on top of them). All your vills from the second tc go to wood. When you have exhausted farming space around your first tc and mill you start building farms, here as well. If you struggle to get a lot farms early on that’s pretty normal because you need your lumber jacks to build the second tc.

As for Hera’s BO: This would be the version that is pretty close to a regular scout BO (as far as the dark age part goes). He puts 4 on wood which is fine because he is walling a lot. If you play a more closed map you can go with less and go up earlier to feudal age. Also as was mentioned here, with the nerf the tc building time increases so I’d go with at least 6 vills to build the tc.

And here is a game that show’s the dark age set up with 18 pop up and 2 on wood and deer (Viper is not going for the regular boom but for the dark age part it’s the same):

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Best way to use cuman boom is to go fast feudal 9-10 min and start building the 2nd TC immediately.

I was going to link that game except I saw him go towers later on XD. Same game from vipers pov.