Cumans slight speed buff

Since cumans got nerfed and don’t have the greatest win percentage, I think they should get a small buff.

Cumans should get 5% faster in feudal age and free husbandry instead of 5%, 10%, 15% faster.

Right now cumans don’t get any speed advantage in castle age when the opponent researches husbandry. However they do have the advantage in feudal and imp being 5% faster. This would give them a speed advantage in every age. It would be like saying 5%, 15%, 15% faster with no husbandry. However this doesn’t look as “pleasing” 11.


I would say just give them husbandry (but not for free) and +5% speed in general (not age restricted)…


They are 5% faster in the Imperial Age. It doesn’t really matter if they not faster in castle age. (basically free husbandry) I’m not sure if the cumans are weak. But a mere speed increase isn’t going to do much for them if what you claim makes them so weak.

Yeah this will be very good, give them +5% speed in general and get back the husbandry but not free, once they research it they will have +15% in castle

Cuman speed bonus is totally fine

The Kipchak nerf was unneccesary lol, now to compensate as I always say, let Steppe Husbandry affect them and give +1 attack to the elite one.

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The cuman speed bonus is as elegant as out could be. It fits neatly in the greater picture of AOE2.

I’d much rather cumans get buffed in another way, if they get buffed.

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