Cumans small balance suggestion

I think we can all agree that Cumans feel weak 1v1, on most maps and now with the palisade nerf, they got a nerf which was good for team games, but actually bad for 1v1. I think one of the problems with Cumans is their difficulty defending their 2 tc play on open maps, as they are so vulnerable to towers once their tc has been placed.

As a suggestion: I would buff the Cumans by granting them 25% less stone costs on new TCs, which allows them to make a tower in addition to their TC, without seriously affecting the rest of the game too much.

The only thing I don’t like about the buff, is the similarity between Bulgarians, but game play wise I think this is a good Idea. Do you agree?

Cumans are an awkward thing to balance because if TCs consistently go up in a safe manner then its Cumans become a very strong civ whereas if they fail then the civs bad and the in-between its too awkward to balance while allowing for being valid at balance across multiple skill levels.


Wouldn’t help that much, in the end, Trushes are probably the least of their problems, with 2 TCs and rams in feudal they don’t fear them that much.

The problem for cumans is their predictability. Both of their alternative in feudal age are easy to predict and counter, and if they don’t make use of either the second TC or the SW, you are basically playing with no bonuses.

In my opinion, what they need is a small bonus that works both with the 2ndTC/SW, and both without it, so at least they have someting.

I don’t know, like all eco buildings gives +5 pop, or another idea may be that in castle age, all TCs automatically get +1 range, so that going FC into manganels don’t counter the cumans 2 feudal TCs that hard anymore.

Hoang not liking this idea im sure lol…

On topic…

As for the Cumans TC Bonus, I guess it’s one of the hardest bonuses to make use of, especially if you’re playing Arabia or one of its clones, given how neutered defensive play has become. I think in the current state of the game, and the way the game is moving forward, even adding this bonus was not a good idea


haha it was a joke, but mangos have 7 range and celts eat TC is a bit hard if the TC can shoot down mangos :slight_smile:

That’s was the point…

Since one of the strategies to punish cumans 2 TCs boom may be an FC into forward SW and mangos, it would help the cumans into defending their 2 TCs.

I mean, even if the meme doesn’t work for one civ out of 37 it shouldn’t be a big deal… considering that you can still raid with knights, or add some rams to tanks TCs fire.

Still, it was more of a random idea, it still doesn’t help against other strategies…

yes yes, it was a joke indeed :slight_smile: My opinion is more or less that Cuman civ just needs a complete rework, not minor tweaks, because almost nothing about the civ makes any sense gameplay wise lol

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Yes yes I get it now 11

Anyway, I think that we won’t see any rework of any civs, the best we can hope for is tweaks here and there.

I have thought in a wood discount for all military buildings. Malians save 26 w per military building on feudal age plus 15 per eco building (above 120 w after the first stable and blacksmith).
Japanese save 50 w per eco building (150 w in dark age)
Cumans could save 25% or 30% per military building. That would help them to plant both 2tcs or SW in feudal age and still have some production buildings.

Just reduce their 2nd TC build time by 25s or even more, and give them their full cavs speed at castle age, not 5% each age, which means 5% faster feudal and then their full speed at castle (15%). I suggest to give them Bracer too.

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I’d love a cuman buff but with all the things you mentioned i think they will go straight to S tier haha.

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Military buildings discount is not a bad idea because it will help you play with 2TCs and fight at the same time, instead of just camping in your base and garrison in your TC.


I really think they should do something to their siege bonus at least because it is useless