Current Favorite Builds

Hey All,
Just looking to revamp some of my builds to shake things up. I am currently a heavy French player and have a good build for that civ. I am hoping to hear some other builds for other civs to help me get out and try some others.

Anyways, Feel free any successful builds you have been using lately outside of the French! Hoping we can get a community that bounces ideas off of each other!


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Hi :slight_smile:

I like the idea of sharing build orders.

When I play English I often use a basic build order to reach feudal age in about 5 minutes.

-7 villagers on food
-2 villagers on wood. The first builds a house then a lumber camp.
-3 villagers on gold. The first builds a mine.
-following villagers all on food

When you have enough resources take the 3 gold villagers to build a landmark.

The upgrade for the lumber camp I usually buy in the first age.

The next few villagers go to wood or dependendly on the strategy to gold.

Kind regards